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phinal phore

Posted by the immortal scurds on January 17, 2018 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (5)

phinally, an easy weekend of picking. these 2 games r very very obvious. starting with:

NE-9.5:  nice little 2 score spread for the pats to cover. get on it quick because it will be more than this by friday. the jags performoance vs pittsburgh, while impressive, was a mirage. the steelers played a horrible game while piling up mountains of passing yards against a very good jag d. ben roth is out in the media complaining that the steelers dont have an audible to a qb sneak in their offense, and lamenting the 4th and 1/2  gamble in the 1st half that cost them the game. rooney rule aside, pittsburgh is not well coached. giving up 40 to the jag offense is shameful, and that offense will not produce like that in new england. 

 the jags have a chance, and its the same old story, hit brady. thats how u beat him as miami showed. they have the personnel to get there without blitzing, and that can get them field position and maybe a few turnovers even. the pat recieving corps is not spectacular. but fournette is limping again and the jag offense is invisible.

 the pats, we know them. deon lewis has been pretty much devastating in the last 6 weeks, and that helps brady and the passing game. but the icbm the pats have that the jags cant counter is gronk. a no name tight end named mcdonald was ripping off long gainers vs the jags, and while the steelers wrs are spectacular, the jags had no counter. the steelers lost because they got outcoached. that aint happening again.

 so look for a motivated and energetic jag team to hang tight in the 1st half,until bb and tb dissect everything they do at half time and apply the lessons learned while pulling away in the 2nd half. 2 things the pats do better than any other team are make half time adjustments, and play 60 minutes. jags r overmastched.  ne 32-14

MIN-3.5:  so on the surfacew this may look like a bruising title bout between 2 nfc powerhouses. because it is kinda. at least on defense. but 1 team is coming off a loss, and the other team is coming off a dramatic win riding high and exuberant. 1 team is following a young qb who has established himself as a bona fide winner after career back up status, and 1 team has lost their probowl franchise, and is following a drab back up hoping to be adequate.

 imo the eagles lost to the falcons. the philly offense really couldnt get going against an attacking falcon defense that isnt even close to being as good as the vike D that shut out brees in the first half last week. yes brees came back. foles? i doubt it. the eagles can run but they wont get much vs the powerful, motivated, excited vikings team looking to play the superbowl in their home stadium. i dont buy the rah rah 1 seed underdog rise to the occasion home team here. its a very coverable 4 with the better team riding high. minesota wins 27- 17

 and you can take these 2 to the bank because its cant miss stuff this time. pats-vikes!

Divisional Wrap 2: Don't Fall Behind, Stupid

Posted by Radatz on January 14, 2018 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (7)

Pair of stunners, for different reasons. The one thing they had in common was that it's not a great idea to fall behind by three scores early, no matter who you are. Even if magic is required to prove it. Both games featured calls quietly reversed and flags picked up (same thing) on orders from NY. Nobody complained. The Patriots weren't involved.

MIN 30 NO 24: Remember when the Vikings were an also-ran without a real QB? Or the Saints were aging into oblivion? Wasn't that long ago. How things change.

At halftime the best thing seen so far was the Skittlepox ad. Brees was tossing picks and Minnesota was cruising 17-0. Both teams missed FGs before the half. Yawn. Then the Saints woke up and scored twice. They'd dominate the 2nd half until the likely last play of the game. Needing yardage before a FG try and lacking time, the Vikings tried to use the 25 seconds they had to erase the 1-point deficit NO had put them in with a FG of their own. It wasn't going well, and it was obvious that only a sideline pass for good yardage with a move out of bounds would permit the try. Asked what they could do, I quipped "I dunno, maybe they'll throw for a miracle touchdown or something."

Which of course is what they did. The guy who made Teddy water under the bridge heaved yet another pickable-looking lob downfield, to the sideline of course. What did the Saints do? Why, they not only let Diggs catch it, but instead of tackling him inbounds and letting the clock likely expire before the FG team could possibly get set up, they dived at his legs, managing somehow to miss him entirely. "Thank you" sez Diggs as he bolts downfield unobstructed into the end zone. Digging a hole for yourself leaves you little margin for error, but what a way for the law of averages to assert itself.

Great game, great win. Brutal loss. Understand I wanted NO because I think it's wrong for a team to get a home Super Bowl. And it's why I'll root for Philadelphia, not my favorite city, next week. I think. Maybe. Tough one.

JAX 45 PIT 42: Whoda thunk in this defensive battle that both teams would outscore New England? Or that Jacksonville would pile up a 28-7 lead before Ben woke up just before halftime? Somewhere in the 3rd you were probably thinking what I was thinking, that Pitt was done playing games and was about to roll over the Jags. Ben was hitting miracle bombs with almost boring regularity. Fournette was hurt. He played after the rather phantom ankle injury, but he wasn't the same. He never ran outside or ran away from anybody and it's something of a mystery why they let him do what Yeldon could have done and hurt himself more.

But something funny happened. Jacksonville held on after Pitt cut it to a one-score lead and kept adding a score everytime Pitt closed. Bortles wasn't Ben (few are) but he looked anything but nervous and kept hitting just enough key first down passes and making enough first down runs to keep Pittsburgh at bay. The defense, reduced to Swiss cheese by Ben and his receivers (despite the vaunted Steeler running game going nowhere), rebounded just enough. At the end, playing catchup, Pitt showed remarkably poor coaching by (a) gambling on an onside kick with over 2 minutes left and all 3 TOs (resulting in a Jax FG) and (b) eating up the entire game clock on a final TD drive, leaving themselves exactly 1 second to onside kick, recover, have Jax cooperate with instant contact (which, truth be told, they probably would have) and kick a looong FG. You can't do that. They knew it and kicked an intermediate line drive for reasons only the Pittsburgh brain trust could possibly explain. Marrone is far from a great coach but the tactical errors of Tomlin & Co. made him look that way by contrast.

All week NE was supposed to be the distracted team (again). It's ironically funny that the Steelers' loose cannons may have managed to win the distraction contest. Predictive stat of the week: I noted some tv pundits showing a stat that had Pitt at 0-5 (this year? playoffs?) when Ben throws for OVER 275 yards. Today he threw for 469 yards. With 5 TDs. And they lost. Figure that one out.

jax wins. tomlin loses

Posted by the immortal scurds on January 14, 2018 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (4)

congrats to the jags. hell of a win for them. the better team won believe it or not. BUT tomlin needs to go. the onside klicj decision just inexcusably terrible football. and the 4th and one go for it was real bad too, but the play call has to be a plunge if u go that way. relying on a te named mcdonald in a do or die time playoff drive too......boy. changes coming in pittsburgh. the refs allowed the jags quite a few PI calls to go, but that aint happening in new england. i been seeing the jags coming on for a couple tears. here they r.


Posted by JDIN827 on January 14, 2018 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (5)

Sure, people laughed, rolled their eyes, and made fun of Cleveland as usual. When I first heard about the parade, I thought the same. How dumb! AFTER I watched it, I changed my mind!

This was NOT a parade to CELEBRATE 0-16. This was a fan base, THEE most loyal, dedicated and passionate around TAKING A STAND. Defiance!  Defiance!  Decades of pure poop....ENOUGH! Bad draft choices, bad veteran choices, wrong coaching staffs time and time again, wrong front office time and time again and an Owner who doesn’t know how to run a football operation. Plus, theeeeee most krappiest play I have seen on a football field. NO great offense, NO great defense, NO pass rush, receivers who can’t catch, and players who can’t tackle and that elusive franchise QB...where?  PLUS, players being "cushy" and collecting their paycheck.  Shaming a storied franchise. 

So we took to the streets and said NO MORE! Heck, I gave up my seats 2 years ago, and I stopped watching games this year. At this sad point, we would be happy with a team that resembles a football team, and in the future is actually competitive.

I'm glad it happened. Some great signs and floats. The dinosaur was the best (fan when the Browns last won). I'm with stupid with an arrow pointing to a Season ticket holder. Names of starting QB's on a shirt. Not even Trump can make them great again.  Parade route forming a "0". TP'ing First Energy Stadium (somewhat immature, but great. Remember when we were kids and toilet papering something was cool)?

The world knows that this fan base that has STOOD BY this inept team, this inept front office, this inept coaching staff is NOT SATISFIED and has had ENOUGH. NO MORE! Years and Years of "We're going to turn this around". Years and Years of finally found the right coach. BS and we know it!

You may think we're fools, but I think we have gumption. guts. Took a stand and the fanbase said no more!

Oh, and very few mentions of how much was RAISED for the FOODBANK. I read that over 68,000 meals will be served. Now that’s Cleveland!

I think we might just be getting it right after 20 years! We actually received accolades regarding our player personnel/talent assessment team. And I like the two new coaching hires announced Friday. Plus, finally getting an offense coordinator! (I don’t know if keeping Hue was good, but it was consistent. If he doesn’t win next year, I'm sure he's gone...can’t blame it all on lack of talent). A football guy running the operation. A football guy who knows talent. Geeeeee, imagine that!!!

AFC NORTH.....This is the beginning!  A long, long, long way to go...but Finally!

Like I've always told you, NEVA NEVA EVA underestimate the heart of a Clevelander!!!


MY FAV...WHY?  WHY????  WHY????

Division Wrap 1: Top Seeds

Posted by Radatz on January 14, 2018 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (19)

We saw two top seeds win, one anticipated, the other perhaps not. One game was a blowout; the other was close, low-scoring and a shade controversial.

PHI 15 ATL 10: It was sort of heartwarming to see the maligned Nick Foles engineer a low-scoring win for the Eagles, but this somewhat poorly-officiated game had a climax nobody mentioned. When Clement got the first down at the end following Atlanta's ill-timed offside, I ran it back several times and each time it verified my initial observation that Clement's knee was down with the ball a foot or more short of the spot needed to ice the game. NBC never even showed a replay. The booth acted like nothing happened. Hmmmm sez I. Falcon fans probably also thought Jones, who "fell down" in the end zone on Atlanta's final offensive play, was helped fairly forcefully. Then again, the refs practically gifted Atlanta their first TD.

Having such a good game's key plays come down to officiating (or lack thereof) is a shame. Assuming these things had nothing to do with the outcome (which they may have), what was the key? There were several. Good as Ryan was, Foles actually outplayed him on paper after a hot 2nd half. Coleman was pretty good; Freeman was useless. Ajayi led Philly in rushing but was largely useless also. Clement ran once for the aforementioned 4 1/2 yards for which he was credited with the 5 which ended the game. Both teams clearly targeted the run, but you have to assume Atlanta sold out more with Foles in the game. Both coaches brainfarted timeouts away. But ultimately it probably really came down to 4th and goal from the 2. Despite falling or being knocked down, Jones had a shot at a good jump ball tossed by Ryan and couldn't get it. Perhaps the refs were wary about handing Atlanta a 1st-and-goal from the 1 for illegal contact, considering Atlanta's first scoring drive.

We also got Company Guy Collinsworth in all his glory. Everything he saw was subject to a shameless promo. Then again he's a product of his times. It's now entertainment first.

NE 35 TEN 14: Bye weeks have been a mixed blessing for NE lately. True to form, they came out stale, Tennessee scored and led after the 1st quarter, and Romo was rockin', analyzing how the Titans physically had what it took to derail the Patriots. Within minutes they tied the game. Not long after he was griping about every call that went against Tennessee or didn't go against New England. He steadied down after the half, possibly after a pep talk, and watched the physically overmatched Patriots stifle the Tennessee running game and sack Mariota 8 times while running up 35 straight points. His new analysis was that the Titans had lost RT Conklin. Actually, losing Jerry Kramer, Fuzzy Thurston and Forrest Gregg probably wouldn't have excused what happened. It was the one thing nobody seemed to have anticipated (except NE) and turned an early contest into a crushing rout as the Patriot offense similarly outplayed the vaunted Titan D. By late in the game, Romo was a fan-boy.

Theories of a fractured locker room and front office took a similar bath. Even with two games to go, it's a safe bet that NE will be seen as the team to beat at the end of the weekend. Ultimately, they looked that good after starting out that bad.

Statistically, it seemed surreal that Brady threw 53 times. The NE offense seemed rushing-dominated for large portions of the game and, in fact, they ran for 100 yards. But the fact was that NE just ran a lot of plays (80) using up-tempo on a number of drives in midgame, several of which were clock chompers. Neither team had a turnover.

But perhaps the most amazing stat of this game is historical. New England goes to its SEVENTH CONSECUTIVE AFC title game.

couple quick shots

Posted by the immortal scurds on January 13, 2018 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (3)

just watched pats complete a 16 play td drive with 2 mins left in the half. thing is, the drive was extended by 3 first downs on penalties. the worst of which was a false start. against the pats. that was reversed. ive never seen that before. ever.

 and it goes without saying that the falcons have to fire their whats this? another phantom call against the titans! 10 second run off. entire coaching staff. i have NEVER seen such ATROCIOUS play calling in my whole life.

round 2 thoughts

Posted by the immortal scurds on January 12, 2018 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (5)

i commented on how each game this weekend is an offense vs defense matchup. falcon offense vs eagle defense, ne o vs titan d, pitts-jax, and nwo-minny fit the bill in that regard, but these matchups r pretty unique in another more dramatic way. old guard vs new guard. esprcially at qb.

 brady vs mariotas 42 start career is the most dramatic age difference in playoff history.

matt ryan vs nick foles

rothlington against bortles

and brees vs keenum. -all mismastches. at the most vital position. in every game. im going to predict that if one of these young'uns can pull off the upset, they will go on to super glory and win it all. in their home stadium for the first time ever.

Final Top 25 of 2017 Season

Posted by theknightswhosay on January 12, 2018 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (5)


1 Alabama 4

2 Georgia 2

3 Wisconsin 9

4 Clemson 1

5 Ohio St. 5

6 C. Florida 8

7 Oklahoma 3

8 Notre Dame 10

9 Penn St. 13

10 USC 7

11 Mich. St. 14

12 Auburn 6

13 U. Miami 12

14 Northwestern 22

15 TCU 19

16 N. Carolina St. 18

17 Iowa 24

18 Stanford 11

19 Miss. St. 20

20 LSU 17

21 Washington 15

22 Okla. St. –

23 S. Carolina 23

24 Memphis 16

25 Boise St. –

Out of top 25: (21) Wash. St., (25) Louisville



Full blog

Do They Have It?

Posted by Galfur on January 12, 2018 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (9)

Does anyone here follow the NHL? How good is Tampa this year and do they have (barring injury) the right kind of team to withstand the brutality of the Cup playoffs and bring it home?

Man they look like a powerhouse team to me. If the games aren't called differently in the playoffs (ie., let them skate and enforce clutching/grabbing/interference) the Bolts are really explosive with a goalie who can also win a couple on his own.

And what about the expansion magic taking place in Sin City. What on earth is going on and who the heck saw THAT coming?

profit prophet rd 2

Posted by the immortal scurds on January 11, 2018 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (14)



on the surface this looks like a great matchup between two heavy weights. ask yourself this: can the falcons score morethan 18 pts vs the eagles? they r 11-0 when they beat that number. the falcons r battle tested and hungry to avenge the devastating loss to ne in last years superbowl. they r 6-2 in the last half of bthe season including wins over the eagle like saints and rams, and carolina as well. this team has a darn fine defense. deon jones at lb, dt grady jarret, cb desmond trufant ,and safety keanu neal Led by Jones, this increasingly stingy unit is allowing 56 fewer yards and six fewer points per game than the 2016 edition. Over the past eight weeks, Quinn and Manuel are overseeing a swarming, top-five buzzsaw. that spells trouble for foles. he isnt mobile and isbt spectacular at the math part of pre snap planning. the eagle offense, while solid on the ground has oviusly taken a loss and will struggle on 3rd down.With backup Nick Foles under centre, the Eagles have totalled less than 220 yards in their last two home games — the first time they’ve performed that poorly on offence since 1999.. the eagles best hope is to plant mastt ryan on the ground a few vtimes and get him to cough up a pick or two. fletcher cox and the eagle defense is likely the league's best but they r quite average in pass defense.. the falcons oline havent been sharp. but the best qb will pull it out. falcons 24-17




the pats achilles heel/tendon is their defense, and the titans would love to hobble them. finishing the season 30th against the pass and 20th against the run.has made them appear weak and giving. but when u realize they have quietly been able to limit the opposition’s points at 18.5 per game, fifth-best in the league. brady is staring down young studly italian buck mariota while listening to constant demands for him to retire. sorry tennessee, u can cripple gronkowski if u want. but your season ends now. pats 31-10




way back then, jax beat the steelers. but that was then. dont get me wrong, i think the jags might give the steelers a real game for awhile, but they may not score, and eventually this loaded steeler offense will break thru against an exhausted Jags pass defence that’s arguably the best of all time. It’s better than the 2013 Seahawks, 2000 Ravens and 1985 Bears for example. and the steelers will make them stop the run too. steelers 31-14




this is a great matchup. the vikes beat the saints 29-19 in week 1. the saints d gave up 470 yards in that one. but the saints team is different now. This is the team that won eight straight games in the regular season. This is a team that has a running game — Pro Bowlers Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara became the first running back tandem to each exceed 1,500 yards from scrimmage in a season. but the saints struggled against a simplistic panther offense last week, and the viking defense is crushing. they r 7-1 at home, case keenum has been doing it well all season, and they have a tandem back attack of their own with murray and mkinnon hauling the lobster traps all year. blair walsh and gary anderson be damned, vikes win 29-19