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Here We Go...

Posted by JDIN827 on June 14, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Here we go again...

Rumors.  Everyone writing articles about Why We Lost.  Blogs here on why we lost.

You know why we lost? Because we werent prepared!  Because we looked like krap in two games and didnt show up.  You cant dig a hole against Golden State.  Because the Warriors honestly felt as if they were the better team last year and let the defeat fuel fire in their belly.  The defense sucked.  We finally did show up (Game 3), it was close and a game we should have won, but let it slip.  Then we slammed the hammer down and beat up the Warriors.  It was close in Game 5 until the last 3 minutes.  So we did what no other playoff team was able to do, we STOPPED 16-0, and the guy who EVERYONE is saying is passing his torch managed a double triple.

Did I expect them to lose?  Yes.  But not without heart (Cleveland never give up they finally showed in Games 4 and 5).  Clearly, with Durant, Golden State was the better team, and yes, with the better Coach.

Why wasnt Durant "the greatest player" a few months ago?  Why now?

I dont think he is.  Until he puts an entire team on his shoulders as Lebron has (with no talent previously and with talent now), until he wins several rings, and until he puts up those stats and records.  Period. End of Discussion.

Sorry, but its EASY to go to a team that won 73 and has 3 other All Stars on it.  If Ya Cant Beat Em, Join Em and thats what he did.  You're going to call me biased since Lebron left.  Lebron left a CHITTY team with Anderson V as its best player.  When he came back, it led to 3 straight NBA Finals and a Ring.  And last time I looked, the Cavs could beat Miami.

I'm sure there will be changes and additions, as there will be in most teams.  Remember back in the day when "Jordan needed his Pippen" and it was 2?  Then Boston started the Big 3 model.  Now Golden State says 4.  It will be an interesting off season. 

Sure Lebron gets what he wants....this is/was a Championship starved city with krappy teams.  I havent seem that many players say "No I dont want to play with Lebron and be in the Finals" lately.

Anywho, we lost.  Next year starts now.

Now, I get to concentrate on my Buckeyes and another National Championship, either this year or next!  Tribe?  Not playing well at all! 

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Reply Radatz
2:16 PM on June 14, 2017 
Hard to say whether the Cavs changed their strategy in game 3 before blowing it at the end or it was just returning home. But if they won that game it may have been different.

I'd like to continue to think that coaching trumps star power, at least when it's not a total talent mismatch. I think that was GS' biggest strong point. As for who's the best player, that's for the sports page of People Magazine.

Durant definitely went to a better team that made it easy for him to get a ring, no question. But LeBron did it too. And Garnett. It's fashionable. The quality of play has improved lately but the league is still going downhill.
Reply the immortal scurds
7:08 PM on June 15, 2017 
stories surfacing now about mebron wanting out.