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Mac Yak Episode 62

Posted by Mac App on September 28, 2012 at 7:25 PM

Mac Yak (16:51)


Week that was in sports; A Lakers player injured himself in a way that you do not hear about. Jim Delany had some interesting comments about the state of his conference and we discuss what seems to be lacking from years past. The Nationals clinched a playoff spot listen for some trivia. We join Jonnie where we discuss the end of the replacement officials and the NHL lockout.

Remember to not burn your couch.

This was made for the internet.

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Reply Galfur
2:45 PM on September 29, 2012 
B1G commentary...the absence of quality QBs is spot on. It's not the only factor but it resonates with me. There are various examples to support the theory. Purdue was a QB factory of sorts but is lacking today. Michigan was QB-U putting Harbaugh, Grbac, Henne, Brady and others into the system. Hell, even Henson got his chance and let's not forget that Ryan Mallet was a part of that system, except that DickRod deemed him unworthy of consideration.

So where is Michigan at? Starting over....with a QB who can't pass. Ahh, yes, the legacy of the DickRod era. Hoke will try to reestablish the passing QB and the Pro Set but I don't see it happening quickly. Who will be under center next year? Devin Gardner? Oh wait, is he a wide receiver or a QB? Will it be the prize recruit, Shane Morris as a freshman? Got some challenges there. First off a freshman is always difficult. Second, the kid is sitting out his senior year of high school play with mono. I don't care how good he may or may not be, that's a challenge.

Also, note: both Gardner and Morris are in-State products. Yes you have to recruit top talent in your backyard. but to be a national power you have to recruit top talent nationally, especially around skill positions.

That is where I believe that the B1G is suffering the most. Whether it be the cold weather-based challenges or perhaps the fact that kids/recruits have noted that the slip, the loss of prestige of the B1G and are going elsewhere as a result.

I think Hoke is moving slowly in the right direction but I'm not seeing the real prize recruits yet. An upgrade but not enough. Does he have a name appeal or can he slowly bring the program back to a point where prize recruits give him greater consideration? Time will tell.

I think Urban has a better shot with OSU for nearer term results. His name bears more brand equity. OSU has not had to endure the significant down years that Michigan did during the DickRod years, and looking back, the embarrassment of Carr's App State fiasco. Plus Ohio, as a backyard, is a fairly rich football recruiting bed.

He already has a leg up with Braxton, who is a highlight film in action. But the bottom line is, OSU is going to need assistance from the rest of the B1G even for their program to be wildly successful again over the long haul.

My reasoning is it takes a strong conference to attract strong talent, not just a strong program. The more competitive the entire PAC12 is or the SEC is, the more top recruits will give them consideration, because of more options within, than a B1G school on the rise but within a weak(er) overall conference. The position of strength of the team is compromised by the position of weakness of the conference.

It's a tall challenge in my mind and is not going to happen quickly.

As to the odds of winning, did I hear ND at 18-1 and in the top 5 or 6 named schools? I don't see it. I just don't see it but whatever.
Reply Mac D
2:38 AM on September 30, 2012 
Seems almost every game I watched today the announcers kept saying if you have a quarterback you're always in it.

You heard right re. ND. What happens when they win, the media and fans go nuts. I don't know what will be worse. Them winning a BCS/Playoff or losing in the final.

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