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Stay Loose. Have Fun. Git Er Done!!!

Posted by Galfur on October 18, 2012 at 7:25 PM

On to the World Serious for the Tiggers. Yankee killers that they are. Exciting stuff. Congrats are in order but the work ain't done.

The starting pitching has been nothing short of spectacular. Too good to be true but thus far, it's all true. IF it holds up, they're going to be one tough draw for who ever survives the NL. This is EXACTLY the type of powerful, dominant pitching that teased tigger fans through the regular season. The problem in the regular season is/was: consistency. Post season, incredibly consistent. Playing devils advocate, the A's are not the best line-up, as good as they've been. And this was not the Yankees line-up that led the AL this past regular season. The bigger test lies ahead.

The bats have been less productive in the post season. They've gotten it done with some clutch hits but they've also gotten a lot of help along the way with both the A's and Yanks sporting some shotty, at times, defense. You can't expect that this time of year.

Delmon Young is a postseason fiend again. That helps. The roll players are more than pulling their weight. That helps. Hope to see more from Miggy and Prince in the final round. It's a team game, Guess I can't expect the corner pounders to rattle fences every game but they are going to be needed. There is enough talent assembled to carry the next guy. So far, so good.

Stay loose. Have fun. Git er done.

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Reply vapor5
7:46 PM on October 18, 2012 
Props to Peralta, too.

Thoroughly enjoyed the game today.
Reply Galfur
7:47 PM on October 18, 2012 
J-Honny P had himself a very good ALCS.
Reply the immortal scurds
8:10 PM on October 18, 2012 
they are good enough to beat any national league team. they just have to play well enough now. I say they do. allez teegaires! (as they say in quebec)
Reply Ferociousjane
8:14 PM on October 18, 2012 
I totally spaced with my mind on something else and forgot to check gametime. I guess I was secretly hoping I would have something to watch at the gym tonight . But vanquishing the Yuckees is A1. I'm really happy for you guys :)
Reply whucares
8:20 PM on October 18, 2012 
I wonder if after the final pich,did the TBS announcers go to the Yankee clubhouse and perform fellatio on them en masse?
Reply the immortal scurds
8:24 PM on October 18, 2012 
en masse?
Reply Galfur
8:25 PM on October 18, 2012 
Fellatio? One of those old Greek cats, right? Philosopher or something like that. Good question.
Reply Mac D
9:45 PM on October 18, 2012 
Congrats Galf. All aboard the T-I-double Geh-Errs!
Reply Radatz
11:42 PM on October 18, 2012 
Congrats to both the Tigers and the Orioles on great seasons (not to mention the A's). Tigers should be able to beat the Cards 4-0, but the Cards have a strange way of winning games they shouldn't.

The local radio airheads were celebrating NY's collapse. I don't see how you can even make light of it when Girardi lost his father.
Reply vapor5
6:51 AM on October 19, 2012 
rad- Well said on the Cards.

It may be a seven game WS.
Reply JDIN827
8:25 AM on October 20, 2012 
Yeah! Congrats
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