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Ownership, Membership, and Marriage Has Its Privileges

Posted by Ark_Razor on January 12, 2013 at 12:55 AM

First, reason #70 why the NHL outrocks all other sports on the planet.


Shanny is now in charge of NHL meting out discipline to miscreant players BTW!

But now......... let the count down begin.........


We have what I actually wanted at the start- a partial season. You see the home opener for LA would've been October 12, but I knew I would be out of town and would've missed the raising of the banner (just like I missed them winning the Cup and the Staples Center party celebrating the championship).


Furthermore, I don't think the Kings will be hurt by a partial season. They would've been hurt by a completely lost one b/c they have the entire roster back from last season.

Ah, now back to the title of the blog.


Philip Anschutz is the controlling partner of AEG which owns the Staples Center, the LA Kings, the Home Depot Center, the LA Galaxy, and LA Live! among other things.


Oh, they also happen to have right of first refusal to buy the LA Lakers should the Buss's ever sell.


Anschutz was respected enough by the players to actually be welcomed (and not just tolerated) during the Stanley Cup celebration and team photos on the ice. He was invited into the pic shortly after this one. Plus, he was the first non-player that Dustin Brown handed the Cup to. Think about that one.


Now, his long-time wife Nancy has evidently been quite the Kings fan over the years- and not just a fan. I think she is somewhat of a student of the game. Who knows how she influenced Philip in these matters. In any case, even though his homestate of Colorado is not a community property state, Mr. Anschutz recognizes the truth that "Behind every great man, there is a woman." As such, look at the first two names on the Stanley Cup for 2011-2012.




Yea, ownership has its privileges to be sure.


But so does membership.


As I've said so many times before, the season ticket holder has a much different lot than even the most hardcore fan. We spend an increasingly significant amount of $$$ of "ammo" hoping to be the only ones left standing in the end.


The previous season, my blog of supplication was answered!


Yea, I missed the clinching game.

Yea, I missed the victory parade.

I would've missed the banner going up.


Except that we had a lockout.


So, I will see that banner go up on January 19th!


From all accounts, this is going to be a party/celebration to end all victory celebrations- even by L.A. standards. The Kings have been planning and rehearsing this I've heard many times for months.


About the only thing I know is that the banner will hang from the rafters, not from the wall.


(I would hope they will take down the other non-championship banners- we have only two Smythe Division 1991 and Campbell Conference 1993 to show that have "earned" our right to think about only championships like the Lakers or the Sparks.)


The tickets to the season opener were some of the hottest tickets before the lockout. I expect that to be the same now. LA said yesterday at the news conference that they expected every single seat to be sold for this upcoming season. That hasn't happened since 1991-92. (The Kings BTW are already the only LA franchise to sell out an entire season in the city's history.)


Fortunately, as a season seat holder, I get my seats to this game w/o having to deal with the perils of the open market. I get two. As of right now, Son #2 and myself will go. My wife and Son #1 got to go to the clinching game. Alpha and Omega.


Given of course that this is an "in" party in LA no less, proper attire is required.


What do you think of my formal wear? Should I wear this instead of my sweater (not a jersey, you non-hockey afficionados).


Yea, membership has its privileges.


Now, after 30 years of buying ammo, it would be nice to not just to see the Cup but to touch it.


Reason #1 why the NHL outrocks everything else............


The Stanley Cup!


Don't give me any of that Crystal Football Crap, or that silly gold trophy with all of the MLB franchises with those flags, or O'Brien trinket with a basketball going into a partial hoop. Heck, you can even have that obtuse looking NFL Trophy that was named after a coach who won the first two games for goodness sakes.


You see, all of those trophies are not for the fans. They are not even for the players. They are for the f-n owners. They keep their trophy in their display case and occasionally let the hoi polloi look at it.

For example, did you know that the Rams have TWO Lombardi Trophies? They do. See, Carroll Rosenbloom won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Colts in the 1970 season (the Blunder Bowl). He then swapped franchises with the Los Angeles Rams in 1972. He took the Super Bowl Trophy with him to L.A., and then Georgia Frontiere took with her to St. Louis.


See, these trophies are for the owners.


However the Stanley Cup is a rotating trophy. Nobody has permanent possession of it. Plus, the players and the owners get their names on it (as you have seen).


The players and team personnel each get a day with the Cup anywhere in the world. dvt actually did a blog about his son getting to go to a Stanley Cup party b/c he knew one of the Kings equipment guys (I'm still envious!).


And it is also for the fans- particularly those season seat holders.


I got my time with the Cup, albeit a very brief time. However, I got my time.


I was waiting outside to go in, and Bob Miller, the play-by-play for the Kings was walking out. I, of course had my sweater on that had been given to me when I was Fan of the Game in 2008. (The Kings honor a season seat holder as well as a military member each game, and I mean EACH game.)


I got an electric guitar, dinner for four at the Staples Club, and a personalized Kings sweater. I got to choose the number- "00" for me, plus, I got to have someone autograph the sweater.


My choice? None other than Bob Miller, the play-by-play for the LA Kings since 1973. He's in the Hall of Fame. Look, players come and players go, but the announcers, they are the constant.


Bob is the only person who has signed my sweaters- entire NHL career in LA no less.


When I ran into him, I asked to have my photo with him. He of course obliged. When I told him about the sweater, he said, "I remember signing this."

I told him I was happy he got to see a Stanley Cup for LA. He looked straight at me and said, "I'm happy you got to experience the Cup as a fan."

You could tell he meant it.


As for the electric guitar........ well, stick around. It just so happens that I played it for the first time tonight.... because I'm taking it to the Meet the Players Party at Staples Center and I will start the process of getting it autographed by the members of this squad.


I knew I was saving it for something. Only the team of 2011-12 will be permitted to sign. It may take a while to get everyone, and I mean....... years possibly.


The guitar? A Schecter custom made model............





Now, of course the main event is this.......... I get shivers just thinking about who has touched this trophy over the last 125+ years.

A dream fulfilled.......... because I said I would never touch the Stanley Cup until the Kings were kings. (The guy on the right is a long-time friend- I only have three- who was in my wedding party.)


Now, it also has privileges as a season seat holder for another reason..........


Remember, I mentioned earlier that AEG owns the Staples Center where the team plays?

Well, from the beginning, the Kings season seat holders always first dibs on everything at Staples- even above the Lakers season seat holders.


In short, we get special privileges that nobody else gets at the Staples Center. Here is one of them.....


After the Kings won the Cup, they announced that they would be inscribing a wall at the arena with the names of all season seat holders to the LA Kings for their championship season, by year. It doesn't matter if you have held seats for the entire franchise run or that year (echoes of Matthew 20:1-16), your name goes up.


Well, I got my notification (to make changes) and my year (1982- I co bought seats in 1980 but lapsed them in 1981). It just had my name on it.


Something is not right. My wife's name is not on it. My wife felt it should be my name b/c I got the seats before we even met- much less married.


However, how many of you have wives that will let you spend $$$ on your first love hobby- even if it is several thousand $K a year, even if the budget is tight? I've only heard her complain once in our 19 years.


So, it will be "Mr. and Mrs. Ark" at the Staples Center under the year 1982.


You see, marriage has its privileges also.


In the meantime, I hope to bask in the glory of supporting a champion....... and starting another journey that nobody has accomplished in 15 years, supporting a repeating champion!


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Reply Mac D
4:01 AM on January 12, 2013 
Great read Ark and glad your passion and commitment has been rewarded in your lifetime.

Enjoy it!
Reply Galfur
4:22 AM on January 12, 2013 
Yeah, that is a great read. Love the six string addition. That's "the Jones". I was a little thrown by the pic with Bob. Seemed logical that it would be outside of Staples but it almost looks like it could have been closer to home (Promenade area). Then I picked up the Club Nokia notation and that's heart of LA. Again, great read. Thanks for sharing!!!
Reply vapor5
7:01 AM on January 12, 2013 
ark- Good stuff! Please forward it to Fehr & Buttman- they need more education about NHL fans.

Did you have to mention Rosenbloom, the man who helped to stick Bmore with Irsay Sr? :wink:
Reply the immortal scurds
9:38 AM on January 12, 2013 
it is a great read, and buttmun should be forced to read it. i'm jealous! nice reference to the rams and all of their superbowls, more to come.
I was glad to see the picture of you and the cup. not only is it a great shot, it proves that you aren't wearing a skirt in the pic with choice!!!!
Reply the immortal scurds
9:44 AM on January 12, 2013 
great video of shanny owning the loudmouth! i would pay a lot to have a seat that close to the box or the bench, especially if avery was playing!
Reply Ark_Razor
11:39 AM on January 12, 2013 
The NHL and Bettman should be praying that each franchise is like LA. Bettman wasn't even booed last year at the trophy presentation!

Galf, pretty good detective work, and you are obviously in LA a lot more than you let on!

Mac, all committed fans of their teams should have the enjoyment of experiencing this at least once in their lifetimes. Yea, that even includes JDIN. It has changed me to a point where I could probably enjoy a long-suffering rival team winning something b/c I know there are some who will feel like me.

Vap, did you know the reason Rosenbloom wanted to swap franchises is b/c the City would not renovate or rebuild a new stadium? But, I also found out that he had the best winning pct of any owner in NFL history at the time he died.
Reply Galfur
2:24 PM on January 12, 2013 
Some good times up and down Sunset, throughout the Beverly & Hollywood area and yeah, a little LA prime clubbing too. Mostly days gone by.

Now you've got me thinking about 6-strings. That thing really is the Jones, a really cool idea.

Happy for you (and the Kings fans).....keep living it up, celebrate it to the max. That hardware won is hockey nirvana!!!
Reply the immortal scurds
2:56 PM on January 12, 2013 
the most difficult trophy in all of sport to obtain. also the most championly. enjoy the moment to the max, cuz as anyone, especially one close to toronto, knows, it could be awhile afore it comes round again!
Reply vapor5
3:39 PM on January 12, 2013 
ark- Rosenbloom eroded a lot of goodwill before he left Bmore, and I don't want to hijack your excellent hocked blog. :wink:
Reply Ferociousjane
9:27 PM on January 12, 2013 
I bet those pants were actually in style when you first got your season tickets :)

Seriously, the pictures are terrific and I'm sincerely happy for you.
Reply Ark_Razor
1:28 AM on January 13, 2013 
Just got back from the Meet the Kings. Lockout? What lockout? They had the event at the Staples Center this year (much better venue) and the # of people there pretty much filled up the entire lower bowl (season seat holders- max 4 per account).

Richards, Penner, Gagne, Bernier, Martinez, Mitchell, and Clifford are done on the guitar.

Many of the players were impressed with what I was doing with it and most had not seen a Kings guitar before much less signed one.
Reply whucares
12:50 PM on January 14, 2013 
Two things- great , great read. Glad you got the experience. And number 2- those pants- really? :)