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Because I'm not a fan

Posted by Galfur on May 12, 2013 at 12:55 PM

I'm only writing this because I'm not a personal fan of Tiger Woods, I admit it. It's not that I don't admire his galf skill. I do. I continue to believe that he will break, if not shatter, Jack's major record. Just too much talent there. No, it's not the lack of appreciation for his skill, it's the lack of appreciation for his (these are my words and opinion) character flaw. That's it. I don't like him as a person.

Now it didn't start that way. There was a time, as he was maing his way to the tour when I was fascinated with him, absolutely fascinated. As quickly as he dominated his way to a first Masters (and major) championship however, a second nature kind of thing put me on alert. It didn't take long before that feeling intensified. Eventually it all played out. From his childish, self-absorbed, ego-centric on the course antics to the eventual personal life implosion. Second nature instincts can be amazingly accurate (sometimes).

So what is the catalyst for writing today? Tiger and Sergio. Not that Sergio is a favorite of mine either. But I am fascinated, this time, by the public and building feud between these two galfers. Galf is not a sport where feuds play out in public (or PuBliCK as Ron White would say). It is a gentlemans game (or is supposed to be anyway). Of course, it is the lack of gentleman in Tiger that I don't like about him, that goes straight to the character flaw issue. But it is AMAZING to me that this one is going on the way it is. Have you seen it? Check it out.

Oh, I know. It pales in comparison to hockey. Let's face it, to try to say that a few barbs thrown back and forth is AMAZING in the face of the Habs/Sens game 3 brawl is pretty embarrassing. But this is galf we're talking about. No, not me and my alias. I mean the sport of galf. This stuff doesn't happen in galf. First it cracks me up but second, it really pisses me off that a guy of such low human quality (talking Tiger here) is going to someday own the most prestigious galf record (career majors won) and do so at the expense of one of my all time sports heros and a man whom, as best I can tell, is such a truly great human being (talking Jack here).

What's the point of this ramble? I do not like Tiger Woods, period. I don't like him as a human being. Not in the way I don't like, say the Tsarnev brothers or in the way I don't like Ariel Castro or in the way I don't like Jodi Arias or in the way i don't like OJ Simpson, etc. Not in a criminal manner. But I don't like Tiger Woods and I think he is BAD for the game of galf. I think he is bad for the sport. That's my point. And he continues to prove me right.

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Reply whucares
2:20 PM on May 12, 2013 
Agree- quick story here- A number of yrs ago- we were at the Buick Open. Tiger had like a 1:00 tee off time. My friend and I were at the range, about 9 am and Tiger was using some short irons , pitching to the greens. Him and Williams walk off, a little girl, no more than about 8 or 9 ,took off a visor and appeared to get ready to ask for an autograph- girl takes a few steps towards them- Williams literally pushes this little girl. Tiger walks around- no eye contact- no f--- nothing. If I';m the Dad of that girl- I'm in the Oakland County Jail. Prick
Reply Galfur
2:43 PM on May 12, 2013 
:lol: Whu!!! If it ever so happens that you end up in the slammer for slammin Tiger, make your one phone call count. Call me. I'll pitch your bail, then buy you a beer.

......and your story supports the last sentence of my blog.

Thought you might be sittin in the cold of Comerica somewhere, watching the 3-2 Tiggers game. Gonna need a nap to stay up for the Wings game.
Reply the immortal scurds
3:04 PM on May 12, 2013 
keep your expectations low when it comes to public figures, and even more so people who may be endowed with special gifts. the more special and the more highly developed the gift, the higher the degree of caution.
often such people are unidimensional. I can't tell you how many guitar players and singers i've come across who have been incredibly talented, but go nowhere because they are impossible to be around.
"eccentric genius" is another word for asshole. how could you be that way to a kid? tiger has paid a price for his success, but the bill continues to accumulate.
its not golf, its him.
Reply Galfur
3:20 PM on May 12, 2013 
I think you misspelled the word galf there at the end but I get exactly what you're saying :)

The most lovable eccentric genius guitar player I've ever heard of was made famous by Ray Stevens. I believe he called him Guitarzan - Ahhh Ahh, Ahhhhhhahhahhhhhhhhhhhh
Reply the immortal scurds
3:36 PM on May 12, 2013 
hahahahaha! ron ely!
Reply Galfur
3:59 PM on May 12, 2013 
amazingly clean shaven for an ape man, eh?
Reply whucares
4:31 PM on May 12, 2013 
I am actually sitting inside a hotel in Marquette. 3 inches of snow on the ground. Did see The Potatoe blow the save.
Reply the immortal scurds
4:39 PM on May 12, 2013 
snowing sideways in kitchener too! blaaahgh!
Reply whucares
4:43 PM on May 12, 2013 
the immortal $curd$ says...
snowing sideways in kitchener too! blaaahgh!

And calling for 90 on Thursday
Reply vapor5
6:12 PM on May 12, 2013 
yep, Tiger is an a-hole. I'm continuing my fat guys' theme today. Root for John Daly.
Reply Galfur
7:44 PM on May 12, 2013 
Snow? Are you fellas talkin snow? WTF is up with that? That ain't right. 70, 80, 90, that's all good by me.

Vap, JD has his issues too but I find them more tolerable than Tigers.
Reply vapor5
8:12 PM on May 12, 2013 
galf- Well, JD certainly needs to earn more. :wink:

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