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Posted by Radatz on June 30, 2014 at 10:25 PM



Anybody following the World Cup? It's heavily promoted, and I've been watching some games. My take?


1. I can watch well-played soccer, and this is a good example of that.

2. I still think it's a silly game.

3. The loose clocking and calling are irritating. When Portugal ties the US with 10 seconds left, one wonders why the US didn't simply kick the ball downfield to its goalie and let him stand there with it for 10 seconds. After all, there's no icing.

4. Has anybody deciphered offside to the point where some of the calls made make sense?

5. These guys dive and fake injuries almost as a matter of course. Even legit calls are suspect, vis a vis the Dutch win on the penalty kick.

6. Deciding games on penalty kicks is even worse than deciding hockey games with shootouts. Neither should exist in their current forms.

7. What is so US about the US team?


On point 7... granted, the Montreal Canadiens skate fewer French Canadians than the Boston Bruins or New York Rangers. The NBA champion, playing a style that dwarfed that of their opponent, featured such as Parker, Diaw and Ginobili. Baseball has a strong Latin contingent, and a slowly increasing Asian one.


But the US team? C'mon. Who are these guys? This is international competition. When that shows up elsewhere, most of the Bruins split for Canada or Eastern Europe, even if they don't live there anymore. Ginobili plays for Argentina, Parker and Diaw for France.


I must say, as I watched the Germans disassemble Algeria I don't think I saw many on either side who weren't pretty clearly Gernan or Algerian. And I don't recall seeing a German take a swan dive even in what must have been overwhelming intraplanetary heat.


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Reply the immortal scurds
1:09 PM on July 1, 2014 
Cameroon's football federation said it will investigate allegations of match-fixing by its team at the World Cup and the possible existence of "seven bad apples" in the squad
Reply the immortal scurds
1:11 PM on July 1, 2014 
that ought to give you some insight into the diving, extra time, unfathomable is not legitimate
Reply the immortal scurds
1:12 PM on July 1, 2014 
as for the nationality of the players, well, tough to parallel with city based pro sports like montreal etal, because these teams are in fact supposed to be comprised of nationals. soccer is illegitimate.
Reply the immortal scurds
1:13 PM on July 1, 2014 
thatr being said, the skill level is extremely high, which can yield occassional breathtakers for the very very patient watcher.
Reply vapor5
6:44 PM on July 1, 2014 
tough loss to Belgium- Tim Howard was stellar in the net
Reply Galfur
6:50 PM on July 1, 2014 
I've been consistent with my take on the sport. I'm glad it gives people in third world countries something to look forward to. Someday when the US is a third world country, I might just pick up on the sport. Until then, I don't get it.
Reply the immortal scurds
7:17 PM on July 1, 2014 
howard made one hell of a save at least, and he looked ticked off at his teammates most of the day.
oh well, all the embassies are a bit safer tonight.
Reply vapor5
7:00 AM on July 2, 2014 
scurds- on the embassies-LOL!

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