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Where's my lime and other twists

Posted by vapor5 on June 24, 2015 at 2:00 PM

I was reading a story on a local kid who's headed to Villanove to play football and was curious if Nova had moved to 1A and found this  info which was new to me.  Bacardi Bowl

"Auburn (7-2-1). Villanova (7-2). Tropical Stadium. Havana, Cuba. New Year’s Day, 1937, the second to last day of the week-long first “Cuban National Sports Festival.” They called it the Bacardi Bowl. Or the Rhumba Bowl. Or the Cigar Bowl. (The New York Times called it a the “battle of the palms.”;)

USA woman's team faces China next w/o Megan Rapinoe and Lauren Holliday who will both be suspended for the match after they each received their second yellow cards

Peyton to the Texans ? anyone else read/hear that rumor?

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Reply the immortal scurds
4:22 PM on June 24, 2015 
houston should be a force this year. i could see it. if peyton wants gto win, we all know where he should go.
Reply vapor5
4:38 PM on June 24, 2015 
scurds- Maybe Andre J would've stayed if he knew PM would be the QB?
Reply Galfur
7:56 PM on June 24, 2015 
Battle of the palms? Was Rosie the queen?

Only thing I heard/saw on the Payton/Texans rumor was the denial by the Broncs. Put me down as a naysayer.
Reply the immortal scurds
9:01 PM on June 24, 2015 
peyton is in exactly the right division. afc south would be 2nd. wonder what he could do for the bengals or eagles
Reply Radatz
11:21 PM on June 24, 2015 
Word is Broncos want to get rid of him and tried to send him to Houston. Must be true because they're denying it. Must also mean Houston didn't want him. Now whoooooooo does?

Buffalo, perhaps? Nah. With Cassel, EJ and Tyrod, how could he ever crack the lineup? Could it be.... the Jets? What with Fitzie, Heaps, Geno and Petty? Who needs Manning?

Bring him on! Be fun to watch the Pats win anyway. Then again, Peyton isn't known for taking risks with his chances for a division title.

So who won the Banana Bowl?
Reply vapor5
5:50 AM on June 25, 2015 
rad- game ended in a 7-7 tie- click Bacardi Bowl link in opening sentence for more details. Also, I suspect the Broncs know Peyton's arm is weak.

galf- Knew you'd introduce Rosie to the chat :wink:
Reply Galfur
4:26 PM on June 25, 2015 
Yeah Vap, I'm very predictable!

Wait a minute. So this Manning thing has legs? I don't get it. Wasn't there some kind of option on bringing him back this year or was the ball entirely in his court on that?

What do the Broncs do without him? Do they even have a legitimate back-up?

If I'm Houston and I've got to give up young talent for a guy who has MAYBE one more season left in his career, I'm not doing it either.
Reply vapor5
4:43 PM on June 25, 2015 
galf- Broncs must think backup QB Osweiler is a Rottweiler . :wink:
Reply the immortal scurds
9:15 PM on June 25, 2015 
re manning: no place for him in the nfc north.
no place for him in the nfc south
the nfc e has a maybe because of philly. tebow bradford and sanchez could make room for him, but its not a team on the cusp of a breakthru .

the nfc south isnt hiring, the nfc west seems pretty set except for zona. but its too physical a division for him.
a trip thru the afc and its denver r houston with rosters capable of breaking thu and qb openings. i dont see him making a move
Reply Ferociousjane
12:16 AM on June 26, 2015 
Warren sapp has become completely undone.

I'm just throwing that out here in your blog:)
Reply vapor5
5:51 AM on June 26, 2015 
fj- Sapp is zapped. Maybe , too much Bacardi :wink:
Reply Ferociousjane
11:13 AM on June 26, 2015 
he might have to start selling cars with Josh Gordon.
Reply vapor5
12:02 PM on June 26, 2015 
fj- selling cars with attached beer coolers ??? :wink:
Reply theknightswhosay
7:23 PM on June 28, 2015 
LSU once played the University of Havana in football.
Reply vapor5
3:56 PM on June 29, 2015 
tk- quite a history. GA teachers college is now Georgia southern:

Date Played Winning Team Losing Team
December 25, 1907 LSU 56 HavanaU 0
January 1, 1910 Havana Athletic Club 11 Tulane 0
January 1, 1912 Mississippi State 12 Havana Athletic Club 0
December 25, 1912 Florida 28 Vedado Club 0
December 31, 1921 Cuban Athletic Club 14 Ole Miss 0
January 1, 1937 Auburn 7 Villanova 7
January 2, 1938 Rollins College - Cuban Navy - ?
October, 1939 Georgia Teachers College 14 Havana University 0
December 9, 1939 Georgia Teachers College 27 Havana University 7
December 7, 1946 Southern Miss 55 Havana University 0

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