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Fourth Night. Canada Rallying. Hawks Reeling.

Posted by Radatz on April 16, 2017 at 2:30 AM

Lest I forget, Happy Easter! Kali Anastasi!

We've seen road teams look tired in game 2. It's understandable though inexcusable that Boston would blow a 3-1 lead. It's understandable that Chara, one of four (4) defensemen left on the active roster after McQuaid exited, would make a lazy clearing pass with 12 seconds left. It's inexcusable that he'd send it over the glass and give Ottawa a power play to open overtime. It's just inexcusable that with the PP down to 6 seconds and Boston in control of the puck another lazy clear would be held in. And it's inexcusable that a team back at full strength would continue to play chessboard defense while Ottawa skated its butt off. Under those circumstances the result was inevitable. Boston will probably dress two guys from Providence on defense Monday. They already had Morrow, who hasn't played since January, and McAvoy, fresh off Boston University, in the lineup. They've lost 1 defenseman in each of their last 4 games. Add Krejci to that list. It's 1-1 and they hold home ice now. But they coulda used this game badly for all the reasons stated.

When last we looked, Nashville had shut out mighty Chicago. Well, it's Pekka Rinne after all. Things would change. They did. This time the Predators scored 5 times. Chicago? Still zero. There goes home ice. We are told Chicago can overcome anything. We're waiting. So is all of Chicago. Shut out at home twice in a row as #1 seed?

Lo and behold, we thought Toronto acquitted itself pretty well in game 1, though they looked to be getting ground down slowly. That would be their last gasp, right? Wrong. They held on Saturday for 3 periods and 2 OTs for the 4-3 win. Stole one in Washington. All you can ask. Suddenly all eyes are on the Caps, who've cultivated a well-deserved image of talented playoff dud. Pressure is on them now. Toronto? Who cares? Are we seeing the anatomy of another fold? Are we seeing Dr. Frankenbabs creating another monster?

Canada made a good bounceback in game 2 across the board. Nearly a clean sweep. Alas, the Flames were extinguished again in Anaheim. It wasn't a rout by any means, and all it signifies is the Ducks holding home-ice serve, but 0-2 is a pretty big hole. It ain't over, but it ain't gonna be easy either. The Flames held a healthy 37-29 shot margin. They lost a goal on a GI call. And if you think Chara feels stupid, imagine how Bouma feels, kicking in the winning goal from a good 20' out. But Hamilton took another stupid costly penalty. They had their strong points. Can they hold down the mistakes at home?

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Reply vapor5
7:47 AM on April 16, 2017 
can't get enough of the Preds rolling Chicago.
the Caps could easily be down 2-0, then the fold would be reeking
Reply the immortal scurds
10:20 AM on April 16, 2017 
anahime is just plain better. like the preds. chicago looks old and done.. ark was right about nashville, they r primed. and the leafs will be a notch better in toronto. will wash? hehehe.