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Same Ole Same Ole

Posted by JDIN827 on October 12, 2017 at 7:15 PM

In such a short period of time, its back to the same old thing in The Land.  Back to Wait Till Next Year.  Back to (now not one) another Championship in another sport, please before I kick the bucket.

Truly could NOT believe this latest collapse (reminds me of 2007).  Didnt watch the last two games.  Couldn't bear to watch the losing again.  Like so many times these past 53 years, almost getting there and ZOINK...Buh Bye!  Had a short respite in June of 2016....then.....Waiting.  Waiting....

Who would have thought that getting TWO Championships in two Professional sports would be so hard to do in 53 years? 

Last year was unexpected, this year WAS.  Man, and to go down to the Yankees!  UG!  To have your two best pitchers tank, and your 3 best hitters not hit, Wow!  Who wins 22 straight and 31 out of your last 34 then tanks in the first round of the playoffs? A Cleveland team!

Another "first"...the only team to lose after being up two years in a row.  Yep, its a Cleveland team.

Had to watch my beloved Buckeyes go down 31-0, then get their butts handed to them by Oklahoma.  Thought that was enough.  (I blame Urban...fix it)! You read it here first...We will lose to Penn State.  At home!  UG! 

I think I will see only one Championship in my lifetime.  I hope my nephews get to see another one. 

We watched our Cavs helpless against Golden State in June.  Not many teams have an answer to the Big 4.  Gosh, remember back in the day when teams had ONE superstar?  Then Michael needed his Pippin.  Then, Boston came along and said you need Three.  Now, you need four to totally dominate. 

Cant even talk about the Browns. Theeeeee chit-tay-est team in the NFL.  You know you stink when you cant beat the Bungles or the Jets.  Never ending krap ball, no QB, no tackling, droping balls. You know you're in trouble when the reporter that covers the Browns says they have no talent and what he saw was disgusting. 

So, its back to waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.  I already know I will be six feet under by the time the Browns get to a SuperBowl.  Dont know what will happen if Lebron leaves again.  If it were 5, even 3 years ago, I'd be estatic to have Rose and Wade on the same team. 

Tribe makes it to the World Series (shoulda won game 7) and then tanks in the first round the following year. 

What the Browns do isnt football.

Welcome to Cleveland Sports.  I'm Waiting Till Next Year!.  Again....It's back to normal!

Oh, and that Poophead Cry-rie is trash talking Cleveland.  So, Boston is a better sports town, and hey, he's got so much more to do socially!   Is the guy a Dumb chit or what?  Laugh at Lebron at the Golden State wedding, snicker at the press conference, tell the guy interviewing you you dont care that you didnt discuss anything with Lebron, and NEVER thank Dan Gilbert or the fans?  You know, when you're THE MAN you have better things to do!  I hope the Boo Birds are out Opening Day.  He may have made the Shot, and given us our first Championship, and we'll always remember that, but CLASS and RESPECT mean alot in Cleveland, something he obviously missed out on during his tenure here. 

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Reply Radatz
9:40 PM on October 12, 2017 
Tito Jr. has now lost 6 clinchers in a row, and in only 2 seasons. His predilection for half-measures to save something for tomorrow is old news to me, and his defective clone wrecked our last 4 seasons. Better hope he doesn't end up as your bench coach.

Let me know how the NBA turns out. I may check the scores.
Reply vapor5
6:52 AM on October 13, 2017 
Jd- Kyrie's wrong about Cleveland, but I sense his anger is more about King Lebron
Reply Southern Lion
4:10 PM on October 13, 2017 
Stay true to your teams JD. Don't give up.

Reply theknightswhosay
9:24 PM on October 13, 2017 
I knew what was going to happen as well. I have to cheer for the Astros now.
Reply the immortal scurds
9:18 AM on October 14, 2017 
incarnation hurt them
Reply Galfur
5:30 AM on October 15, 2017 
I'm all in on Houston now and it's wrapped around one player. Justin Verlander.

The guy was such a class act here. Really pulling for him to get a ring.

As for sports where I live, anyone want to talk about galf?

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