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I Think....Therefore I Rant!

Posted by JDIN827 on November 11, 2017 at 7:30 AM

Is there ANY team (as a whole) that is WORSE than the Browns?  Front office a mess.  Owner a mess. Coach and Analytics not on the same page.  Can't win a game.  Can't access talent.  No franchise QB since returning in 1999.  Not much of a defense or offense.  Drop balls.  No actual WR's on the team.  Didnt pick SOOO many in the draft over the years, we look like fools!  Watson could have been Rookie of the Year.  Philly QB was not even rated "in the Top 20" on our boards.  Can't even do a trade correctly!  Never thought I would, but I haven't watched the last few games.  So many I know stopped watching too.  You know you're in trouble when most of Cleveland would rather do yard work than watch football! 

WHAT A !@#$%^&*()!  Taking a flagship team in the NFL, and making it not only the worst team with no talent, but the worst run organization EVER!  WE DESERVE BETTER!

What a poop sandwich we were dealt last week!  I ask, WHO LET'S IOWA score 55 points?  WHO?  Those so-famous THEE Ohio State Buckeyes!  Not to mention so many TD's scored at kickoff.  Sure, let em run 90 yards and score!  No prob right???  I am SICK of these whoopin's!  Clemson, that frickin' Baker Mayfield, and now Iowa!  IOWA.  IOWA.  55 points.  FIX IT!. 

Really thought the Tribe was going to the World Series this year.  Didnt you???  22-game win streak, great record, pitching, and then...Tanking in the FIRST ROUND.  Buh-Bye!  Who does that after a 22-game win streak and the second best record in baseball?  We do!!

Love watching the Cavs lose on TV.  No, really, I do......Love watching us lose to krap teams like the Knicks or Orlando.  Even the Coach is unhappy, and calling them out for lack of effort.  Geez, you're paid millions and you're not trying?  Can I have that job????  Kinda like being an ex-Cleveland Browns coach, how many of them are still on the payroll???

Rant Out!


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Reply the immortal scurds
7:58 PM on November 11, 2017 
the browns truly r shameful.
Reply Ark_Razor
3:26 AM on November 12, 2017 
Probably not right, but the Buckeyes will be the 1st in line for the playoff if their is a 2 loss team taken. You guys righted the ship in East Lansing today. Cavs are a real head scratcher, but plenty of time left in the season. They are still the favorites in the East in my book.
Reply Radatz
12:04 AM on November 13, 2017 
Sticking to the question... no. Ok, right now the Giants are worse.
Reply Southern Lion
1:48 PM on November 13, 2017 
JD, don't give up. Everything is cyclical, especially sports. The Cavs, Tribe, and even the Browns will all be good again soon. Mark my should probably be in pencil. JK.


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