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Posted by JDIN827 on January 14, 2018 at 9:30 AM

Sure, people laughed, rolled their eyes, and made fun of Cleveland as usual. When I first heard about the parade, I thought the same. How dumb! AFTER I watched it, I changed my mind!

This was NOT a parade to CELEBRATE 0-16. This was a fan base, THEE most loyal, dedicated and passionate around TAKING A STAND. Defiance!  Defiance!  Decades of pure poop....ENOUGH! Bad draft choices, bad veteran choices, wrong coaching staffs time and time again, wrong front office time and time again and an Owner who doesn’t know how to run a football operation. Plus, theeeeee most krappiest play I have seen on a football field. NO great offense, NO great defense, NO pass rush, receivers who can’t catch, and players who can’t tackle and that elusive franchise QB...where?  PLUS, players being "cushy" and collecting their paycheck.  Shaming a storied franchise. 

So we took to the streets and said NO MORE! Heck, I gave up my seats 2 years ago, and I stopped watching games this year. At this sad point, we would be happy with a team that resembles a football team, and in the future is actually competitive.

I'm glad it happened. Some great signs and floats. The dinosaur was the best (fan when the Browns last won). I'm with stupid with an arrow pointing to a Season ticket holder. Names of starting QB's on a shirt. Not even Trump can make them great again.  Parade route forming a "0". TP'ing First Energy Stadium (somewhat immature, but great. Remember when we were kids and toilet papering something was cool)?

The world knows that this fan base that has STOOD BY this inept team, this inept front office, this inept coaching staff is NOT SATISFIED and has had ENOUGH. NO MORE! Years and Years of "We're going to turn this around". Years and Years of finally found the right coach. BS and we know it!

You may think we're fools, but I think we have gumption. guts. Took a stand and the fanbase said no more!

Oh, and very few mentions of how much was RAISED for the FOODBANK. I read that over 68,000 meals will be served. Now that’s Cleveland!

I think we might just be getting it right after 20 years! We actually received accolades regarding our player personnel/talent assessment team. And I like the two new coaching hires announced Friday. Plus, finally getting an offense coordinator! (I don’t know if keeping Hue was good, but it was consistent. If he doesn’t win next year, I'm sure he's gone...can’t blame it all on lack of talent). A football guy running the operation. A football guy who knows talent. Geeeeee, imagine that!!!

AFC NORTH.....This is the beginning!  A long, long, long way to go...but Finally!

Like I've always told you, NEVA NEVA EVA underestimate the heart of a Clevelander!!!


MY FAV...WHY?  WHY????  WHY????

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Reply Ferociousjane
11:03 AM on January 14, 2018 
I watched the entire feed of the parade and I didnt get to see a good view of some of the signs. The dinosaur one is funny. There was a fella dressed as Big Foot walking around with a sign that read ?-sighted more times than a Browns win?.
Those folks were just having fun and blowing off steam. Looked like a lot of tailgaters taking one more opportunity to get together until next year. All in good fun and they did make their point.

I remember a time when a Browns fan would sooner sock someone in the face than be laughed at. The new Browns slowly broke the spirit of the diehards with too many embarrassments, humiliations, and false promises.
There really is a point where you can just give up on anything you?ve been passionate about when pushed too far.
Reply Ferociousjane
11:04 AM on January 14, 2018 
Btw, one of my favorites was also the big participation trophy someone had on their truck.
Reply the immortal scurds
1:56 PM on January 14, 2018 
ha! sheesh. well the team has it coming. they dont follow even the most very basic rules of how to build a winner.
Reply Radatz
2:53 PM on January 14, 2018 
Hue is coming back. They own the draft. No parade next year. They'll go 4-12.
Reply vapor5
11:49 AM on January 15, 2018 
I thought the Browns were in Baltimore. Anyway congrats to the Browns for moving away from current baseball scouting diagnostics. :wink:

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