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Week 12: Kneel to Thank God, Not to Spit on the Flag, Dopes.

Posted by Radatz on November 21, 2017 at 10:15 PM

Well, I guess you gotta watch some kind of football this week. It's Thanksgiving. Now that I no longer faithfully attend my old high school's rivalry (dating from 1900) nor ever attend that of my 30-year 'new home' (dating from 1894), I hate being dragged out of the house and missing a whole day of tv football. Of course I never watch close to the 10-12 hours but it's fun having the option at least. I wonder how many thankful kneelers we have to put up with?

[email protected]: This year's Lionfest, a tradition born when (dare I mention) Bobby Layne was 8 years old, is actually important this year... certainly for the Lions. A win would put them back in the race for the division. A loss not only squelches that, but puts a damper on their wildcard chances. For Minny every week is a Case watch. So far he's thriving on it. I won't hang myself out to dry by picking Detroit. Been there done that.

[email protected]: Bad as the Boys look, I'll give 'em one more chance. I still disbelieve the Chargers a hair more. Dallas could fix that for me. If they lose they can probably kiss the wildcard so long. Both teams, in fact. LA even has a shot at the AFCW the way things are going, but... nah.

[email protected]: Suddenly it's sorta interesting. The Skins feature one of 5 active QBs in the NFL with a 100+ passer rating in this star-depleted year. But they're starting to act funny. So are the Giants --- by playing well. I have absolutely no idea who'll win now... so I'll cop out. Home team. Pretty sure.

[email protected]: Even in barely beating what are rapidly becoming the sorry Seahawks, the Falcons didn't inspire confidence. Tampa has reached mediocre competence with retread Fitzpatrick. Atlanta's gotta be good enough. If they don't fold at the end. Think they were scared though? You bet they were. Still are. But, home team.

[email protected]: The Paul Brown bowl featuring his namesake team (once removed) versus the one he invented to replace them, and in his namesake stadium. Good grief. But the Browns' QB situation has been so absurdly mismanaged (a situation predictably ignored by 'analysts' who can't wait to pile on McDermott for benching Tyrod the Great) you can't possibly pick them. Home team plus.

[email protected]: Are the Titans this bad? We're about to find out. In a display of inane bravado, I'm taking the home team. That's what I think of Mariota's floatahs and the 'physical' Titans, who are settling into boringland again.

[email protected]: Tale of two sinking speedboats. Tyrod will have his job back, but will he be any better than he was before temporarily losing it? Meanwhile will Alex actually inspire his team? Which of these now-faux juggernauts will prove real? Either? Assuming no, home team.

[email protected]: One recovering flop that still has flagging wildcard hopes vs. one actual juggernaut whose roster hardly resembles the one that won it all last year. But NE's been steadily improving, as usual. Oddly they're better on the road this year. Could be Cutler. Could be Moore. Should be a game. Home team, one would think.

[email protected]: I wonder what Kuechly and the rest of the Panther D think every week when Cam mugs for the cameras? Oddly, the Jets might still have what it takes, and they're still only a game off the last wildcard. But it's the Jets. Sorry. Gotta surprise me.

[email protected]: Perfect trap game. The Bears could easily be at least 5-5. Trubisky's getting better. If their often tough defense plays lights out it could be really close. But that should be about it.

[email protected]: Finally a game the Roadhawks can win no problem. Come to think of it I'm not sure anymore. One thing's sure... lose this one and the lug nuts start falling off.

[email protected]: Ought to be an epic battle. Both teams need it to stay on top. Rams are perhaps stronger all around, but NO is better than we thought in places we didn't think. One of those is not QB, but that's because it's Brees. Road game but too much experience factor at the primary spot.

[email protected]: Nice easy test for the suddenly (over?)confident Jags. They should win despite playing away from home. But it's the Jags. Still, that 141 PA looks good. They beat Pitt and Baltimore by a lot. But that was back when Ben and Joe were all washed up. Red flags --- the Titans beat 'em by 37. The Jets beat 'em. But the house of Cards still shouldn't be a problem. I think.

[email protected]: Gads. The Days of Our Lives Bowl. The two biggest AFC soap operas (ok, there's Buffalo but that's media-generated) come together in the hardest-to-predict game of them all, because the choice has to be made for all the wrong reasons. Now McCoy's been fired. Should probably have been promoted? Oh yeah, I have to pick one. Lessee... which is less likely to beat itself? How can anybody pick Oakland? How can anybody pick Denver? Visitor. Why? Makes the least sense. Go with the flow.

[email protected]: Oh, how I'd love to see the Steelers fall flat. But even if they do it'll probably be across the goal line. The Pack ain't back, Jack.

[email protected]: Being hyped as a defensive battle. Let's see... Ravens' PA is 171. Texans' is 262. Get the picture?

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Reply Ark_Razor
11:03 PM on November 21, 2017 
Nobody wants to win the AFCW anymore. Patsies are looking like a lock for another Super Bowl appearance. AFC has been dysfunctional for close to a decade.
Reply the immortal scurds
11:15 PM on November 21, 2017 
needed the hawks by 4 for many hundreds. they just cant finish with a flourish. some good d line play all of a suddejn in atlanta. looks like a real hometeam week to me. the fabled lions home thanksgiving win?
Reply Radatz
1:16 AM on November 22, 2017 
Ark_Razor says...
AFC has been dysfunctional for close to a decade.

Gee Ark, they've won the last 4 of 5 after losing 4 of the prior 5, and 2 of those were the NY upsets of NE. How dysfunctional can they have been?
Reply Radatz
2:58 AM on November 22, 2017 
Hey you guys, how'd you miss the fact that I omitted the NO/LAR game? My bad, there now.
Reply vapor5
6:22 AM on November 22, 2017 
Brown finallyget a W.
Falcons are unable to close-rooting against them and obviously for my Saints over scurdsys Rams