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phinal phore

Posted by the immortal scurds on January 17, 2018 at 10:35 AM

phinally, an easy weekend of picking. these 2 games r very very obvious. starting with:

NE-9.5:  nice little 2 score spread for the pats to cover. get on it quick because it will be more than this by friday. the jags performoance vs pittsburgh, while impressive, was a mirage. the steelers played a horrible game while piling up mountains of passing yards against a very good jag d. ben roth is out in the media complaining that the steelers dont have an audible to a qb sneak in their offense, and lamenting the 4th and 1/2  gamble in the 1st half that cost them the game. rooney rule aside, pittsburgh is not well coached. giving up 40 to the jag offense is shameful, and that offense will not produce like that in new england. 

 the jags have a chance, and its the same old story, hit brady. thats how u beat him as miami showed. they have the personnel to get there without blitzing, and that can get them field position and maybe a few turnovers even. the pat recieving corps is not spectacular. but fournette is limping again and the jag offense is invisible.

 the pats, we know them. deon lewis has been pretty much devastating in the last 6 weeks, and that helps brady and the passing game. but the icbm the pats have that the jags cant counter is gronk. a no name tight end named mcdonald was ripping off long gainers vs the jags, and while the steelers wrs are spectacular, the jags had no counter. the steelers lost because they got outcoached. that aint happening again.

 so look for a motivated and energetic jag team to hang tight in the 1st half,until bb and tb dissect everything they do at half time and apply the lessons learned while pulling away in the 2nd half. 2 things the pats do better than any other team are make half time adjustments, and play 60 minutes. jags r overmastched.  ne 32-14

MIN-3.5:  so on the surfacew this may look like a bruising title bout between 2 nfc powerhouses. because it is kinda. at least on defense. but 1 team is coming off a loss, and the other team is coming off a dramatic win riding high and exuberant. 1 team is following a young qb who has established himself as a bona fide winner after career back up status, and 1 team has lost their probowl franchise, and is following a drab back up hoping to be adequate.

 imo the eagles lost to the falcons. the philly offense really couldnt get going against an attacking falcon defense that isnt even close to being as good as the vike D that shut out brees in the first half last week. yes brees came back. foles? i doubt it. the eagles can run but they wont get much vs the powerful, motivated, excited vikings team looking to play the superbowl in their home stadium. i dont buy the rah rah 1 seed underdog rise to the occasion home team here. its a very coverable 4 with the better team riding high. minesota wins 27- 17

 and you can take these 2 to the bank because its cant miss stuff this time. pats-vikes!

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Reply vapor5
12:02 PM on January 17, 2018 
I'll take Jags +9.5 cuz I see them getting to Brady & winning.
WTH, I'll take the Eagles +3.5 toss a coin for who wins
Reply the immortal scurds
12:10 PM on January 17, 2018 
your on
Reply Ferociousjane
12:18 PM on January 17, 2018 
If centenarian Millie Wall makes it to the Philly game then there is no hope for the Eagles. Old people are lucky :) And she's a complete sweetheart.

Your title cracked me up.You're such a goofball.
Reply the immortal scurds
12:44 PM on January 17, 2018 
it was that or roman numerals
Reply Radatz
5:27 PM on January 17, 2018 
Good arguments. I'll give my own take later, but for now, esp. re [email protected], I wonder how the Vikes play outdoors on a slippery field? They caught a break with the weather, but it still won't be 70 and calm. They played exactly 1 cold-weather game this year, in GB at the start of December. They beat the half-Packers 16-0. Most of this game should be in the 40s. Those dome teams.