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AFC Retake

Posted by Radatz on August 15, 2017 at 11:45 PM

Ok, so why not a crack at the AFC? Second opinion and all that.

AFCE: Should be business as usual. You never know. But you have a pretty good idea.

NE: Brady's 40, but it appears the team improved itself. Ought to be good enough.

MIA: If Cutler's really on this year, Miami will have the 2nd best QB in the division. If he's average, the 3rd, the other two being in NE. He could be an improvement over Tannehill or a disaster. I think he'll be ok, but the AFC's a different animal.

BUF: The Bills lost some important guys (to NE) and then lost more on purpose. Seems like they're targeting the draft next year. Maybe they know something we don't. Maybe they don't.

NYJ: Are they a surprise team? They can't be as bad as everyone thinks. Well, maybe.

AFCN: A few years ago everybody was at .500 for a long time. So much for parity. Won't happen this year... unless Ben goes missing.

PIT: Not sure who could realistically beat them if Ben sticks around.

CIN: I don't think they're stronger. Marvin's still around. They'll make noise. The last one will be 'plop'.

BAL: Joe's not exactly 100%. The offseason hasn't been what you'd call full of good news. You never know with these guys, but it's getting tense.

CLE: If the Law of Averages truly exists, something good oughtta happen yesterday.

AFCS: Now here's a full-blown mystery of mediocrity. Again.

HOU: Maybe they'll have an offense. It shouldn't take that much.

TEN: Yeah, they lost us when they flopped last year, but who else is there?

IND: Why don't I pick these guys for last? Luck's not even healthy. But he's good. His supporting cast looks bad. Question is how bad. And...

JAX: ... how bad these guys are. Maybe with a change of coaching they'll finally live up to some of what's supposed to be their promise. But they haven't yet.

AFCW: Is this the new NFCW now that the NFCW isn't the NFCW any more? The old trash can division could just be. It's definitely on the move. At least locationwise. I fear the actual quality is a shade skin deep.

OAK: When exactly these guys go to Vegas is beyond me, but as far as I know it ain't yet. Maybe that's a good thing for this year. Carr is back; that's good. Lynch is in the house; that might be good. They folded last year without Carr. That wasn't good. I don't trust 'em. I just have zero faith in everybody else.

KC: I just have zero faith in these guys. Was that an echo?

DEN: How do you pick Denver this low? Well... QB remains a question. Wade is gone. Kubiak is gone. The new coach should be the DC. The new DC should be the coach. That enough?

SD: Good as Phil is, the LAC will suffer from a lac of depth as usual. And they're playing in Carson. You ever been through Carson? And in 3 years it's Inglewood. Ever been through Inglewood?

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Reply the immortal scurds
8:23 AM on August 16, 2017 
i can see pitts waking up old one day in october. the bengals have depth at rb this time around and the recieving corps is healthy from effort to aj.. you take on the afcs is just a little too easy. a little too predictable. the jagwars r going to add len fourbyfour to bortles passing attack of 2015. and that secondary is loaded. you will see.
kc worries me a bit, mostly because tyeek hill will add explosion to a boring, very solid squad. and your tagging lac with depession, when its denver thats going to get depressed. once cj anderson goes down and itsall on simian and the defense, the broncos will get down in the dumps. i think lynch is going to be healthy and motivated, and he has 2 capable back ups. it is hard in fact to find a team here that looks like a lock to take ne down. but they might all combine to continue hammering on brady who got hit alot last year and should take a few shots again.
Reply Radatz
10:12 PM on August 16, 2017 
Also Sprach Zoroscurds!

Looks like we got it covered :) Wish the rest would chime in.
Reply Radatz
12:36 AM on August 17, 2017 
I mean Zarascurds.
Reply the immortal scurds
6:05 AM on August 17, 2017 
zarascurds? the others will be along im sure
Reply vapor5
12:15 PM on August 18, 2017 
Bortles or henne - what a jagged mess in Jax