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Week 9: Some Tried. Some Didn't.

Posted by Radatz on November 5, 2017 at 11:45 PM

With New England on a bye it seemed play quality leaguewide dipped to about 50% of the norm, which wasn't good to start with. No Pitt didn't help. Heck, no Bears didn't help. Teams that actually showed up won with disturbing frequency. A number of games seemed to feature two teams that didn't show up. But it's not like it wasn't informative, even if much of it was hard to watch for long. An awful lot of receivers dropped an awful lot of easy passes. With gloves. Uncovered. Makes you go hmmm.

Word is out that Andrew Luck, now on IR, may be done at Indy. Is that why BB traded Jimmy? Hey, I can dream. Who'd you want to play for? He'd wait a year or so. Conspiracy theory of the week. You read it here first. Remember that so I can brag if it happens. Forget it if it doesn't. What, isn't that how the pros do it?

NYJ 34 BUF 21: The entree of the hard-to-watch menu introduced week 9. The score is deceptive; the game was an absolute snorefest rout. Buffalo spent the game buried in its own end. Either the Jets are the new dynasty or the Bills are headed back to earth. Pick one. Don't get hurt. Half the stadium went home early, and their team was winning. Bowles is the latest coaching genius. His team is 4-5. That's how bad the Jets are. That's how bad the Bills were.

CAR 20 ATL 17: It's becoming increasingly clear that Quinn lost his confidence in February and it's spreading. The team he turned from an underachieving pile of bumpkins has reverted to form. Bad as they were, all Jones ("the league's greatest receiver") had to do was hold a wide-open in-stride lob in the end zone for the win. He didn't. Meanwhile... are the Panthers really 6-3? That's how bad the league is.

JAX 23 CIN 7: Yup, another lost team. AJ Green got punked into an ejection and that was the best effort the Bengals put up all day. Bortles was average which, for him, is good enough. Against these guys. And Teflon Marvin.

LAR 51 NYG 17: Was this a score from 1950? Goff looked awful for short stretches, but against the Giants it hardly mattered. He finished with 302 and 4 TDs. Manning coudn't complete a pass, largely because his receivers refused to catch them. Unwatchable. Hardly unique.

PHI 51 DEN 23: Not to be outdone, the Eagles put up their own 51 on what everyone keeps trying to tell us is the league's best defense. They weren't even the best on the field today. Ozzy was back but got frustrated trying to throw to his own teammates, who refused to catch the ball, so he opted to throw to the other team, which accepted the challenge. Remember when Vance looked like COY? Or Siemian looked good? Or Paxton Lynch? Or when nobody could score on the D? The AFCW continues to get pummeled.

IND 20 HOU 14: Isn't it somewhat mystifying that O'Brien ran the NE 2-tight-end-plus-Welker scoring machine and can't figure out what to do in Houston except oversee a playground scramble? That scramble is history for the year. Savage isn't that bad, but the offense sure was. This wasn't Andrew Luck they were facing. It was Brissett, who compiled a 120 QBR against a supposed great defense that hasn't looked the part for some time now. That said, Savage was good enough to nearly erase a 14-point deficit before being sacked with 2s to go deep in the red zone. Of course, postgame commentary on NFLN was still berating him in what's morphing into Watson nostalgia. Plan on more milking of this cow.

NO 30 TB 10: Welcome back, Koetter. Winston stunk again, got hurt again, then came off the bench to punk a defender and instigate a rumble. All class there, Jameis. Way to send the right message. Discipline. The inmates are running the reform school in Tampa. They stink in all 3 proverbial phases. The Saints, meanwhile, are in first, have 6 wins and, unlike e.g. Carolina, look like they deserve them. Payton Place is rolling. Koetter would welcome back Boise St.

TEN 23 BAL 20: Ah, the Ravens. 40-0. They're back. Back to where they were a few weeks ago, that is.

WAS 17 SEA 14: How statistics can deceive. Russell Wilson tried four times to throw to the same linebacker, but Compton hung onto just one and instead of compiling 5 INTs Wilson finished with only 2. That's not including a 2-point conversion attempt while down 10-8 that was picked off Butler-style by Swearinger who, with Norman, put on a lateral show that got within 16 yards of making it 12-8. Cousins, meanwhile, put on a comparative clinic, unspectacular but INT-free. Looked a lot like polished pro vs. cowboy gunslinger. But that's Seattle. Some day they may have to play disciplined football. Can they? They're looking up at the Rams now and the Rams seem to be getting better. The Waterhogs are looking more chaotic.

ARI 20 SF 10: On the strength of a rock-solid 15/30 performance by Drew Stanton... ok, so we're pushing it a little. The only news here was whether we were going to see the mysterious JimmyG. We didn't. Probably good for him. Or not. Beathard was 24/51 with a 57 QBR. In Santa Clara that's probably considered good. Actually he wasn't good, but he got hit about 16 times with 5 official sacks.

DAL 28 KC 17: The Chiefs took the lead in the 3rd, did a sack race, then went completely AWOL with Andy/Alex syndrome while Dallas ran over and through them in perhaps the most boringly one-sided 20 final minutes of football this side of... well... a lot of places today. Is KC really 6-3? That 1-3 month makes it hard to figure. The team that was going 16-0 after week 5 doesn't look so good anymore. The AFCW takes another one on the chin. Dallas hangs with the Skins in the fight for 2nd.

OAK 27 MIA 24: Carr was good and Cutler was brilliant. As a close game wound to a close we got a good look at how we can expect the league to treat the Las Vegas Raiders. First Carr threw for a first down, but Roberts pulled defender Jones' helmet off by the face mask, resulting in a 15-yard tack-on for roughness --- on Jones. Then Carr tossed it into the end zone and Miami got flagged for PI on a wrestling match, most of which seemed initiated by the receiver. So with the Fins down 2 scores, Cutler had them moving when a critical first-down catch on 4th down was negated by a tacky holding call. That hurt. It hurt even worse when they scored anyway 3 minutes later but couldn't recover an onside kick. So the Raiders 'won' in most unimpressive (but predictable) fashion, saving the day for the AFCW. Sort of. Far as the AFCE goes, NE was happy to sit it out and watch the main contenders fade.

DET@GB: This was an interesting game once. But with Rodgers out and the Lions doing a nostalgia tour, it's lost some of its charm, no?

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Reply Ark_Razor
12:50 AM on November 6, 2017 
That glug sound is the Kotex season sinking.

How were the Saints received by their fans during the anthem. Some vet refused an award from them b/c of the actions of NFL (not Aint) players. The Aints fired back and b/c they took it personally. And all of them have been standing for the anthem recently.
Reply the immortal scurds
6:12 AM on November 6, 2017 
that was goff looking awful eh. the eagles clealy the best team. and i dont know what u can do with atlanta. they hexed. eally enjoy the pats bye eek each yea
Reply Radatz
11:59 AM on November 6, 2017 
In small stretches. I flipped it on and saw him toss 3 ugly short passes in a row out of reach of open receivers. He got it together, but the Giants weren't trying. Still think he's missing something. Wentz gets better by the month. Prescott was good. Brissett was good but Houston's D has sunk badly. Cutler was probably the best out there yesterday. Maybe Cousins.

Sanders was making excuses for Winston and Evans after the game, saying that's what a 'man' has to do. Can't they replace this nitwit with one? Should have been Winston comes on field --- 15 yards. Winston pokes player --- 15 more yards plus ejection. Player shoves Winston --- 15 yards. Player gets mugged from behind by Evans --- 15 yards plus ejection.

ps love to see the Rams knock off Seattle. Zona maybe even? Stanton is a good sub.
Reply the immortal scurds
3:21 PM on November 6, 2017 
aj green is available. its all out blow it up time in cincy
Reply the immortal scurds
4:14 PM on November 6, 2017 
and its become clea that the rams r going to the playoffs as a division winne
Reply theknightswhosay
12:30 AM on November 7, 2017 
Are the Chiefs even going to make the playoffs?
Reply vapor5
8:42 AM on November 7, 2017 
Immature Jamesis reappears.
Bolts could win the AFCW
Reply theknightswhosay
11:46 AM on November 7, 2017 
Are the Chiefs even going to make the playoffs?
Reply Radatz
1:34 PM on November 7, 2017 
theknightswhosay says...
Are the Chiefs even going to make the playoffs?

They have: @NYG, BUF, @NYJ, OAK, LAC, MIA, @DEN left. You'd think so sitting at 6-3 with the rest of the division under .500. But they're not looking good lately. Maybe they used up the playbook during their hot start?

Regardless, should be 7-3 after this weekend. Then all they need is 3-3 to pretty much guarantee a spot, I think.
Reply the immortal scurds
8:06 PM on November 7, 2017 
they go 5-2 and win the division
Reply theknightswhosay
10:03 AM on November 8, 2017 
Those are mostly lose-able though. The chargers and giants should be easy wins.
Reply Radatz
2:27 PM on November 8, 2017 
Not so sure. Need more input on Chargers. And the Chiefs.
Reply theknightswhosay
10:58 PM on November 12, 2017 
Those are mostly lose-able though. The chargers and giants should be easy wins.

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