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Week 12: Turkeys. Pumpkins. Some Gravy.

Posted by Radatz on November 27, 2017 at 12:45 AM

And that's Thanksgiving. Hope all had a good time. A lot of hopefuls didn't. Some front-runners didn't either. But amid a burgeoning flood of quitters there were some examples of teams actually playing above their heads for once. Granted, not many, but some.

MIN 30 DET 23: Stafford had to outplay Keenum. Didn't happen. Still, if not for some mistakes and the usual bad breaks the Lions may have won the game anyway. But that's the Lions. The NFCN is sealed. The Lions' wildcard hopes took a blow.

LAC 28 DAL 6: The Boys had one last chance to turn around their season in the wildcard-tough NFC. Instead they got blown out. Ta ta. Meanwhile, the Chargers hung on in the wildcard-easy AFC. Dallas had neither the depth nor the desire to hang in as anticipated. Losing a RB doesn't do this to a real team.

WAS 20 NYG 10: The Giants had shown an inkling of pride coming in. They kept it up until crunch time when the Skins took over. Not a good way to be a spoiler, but it probably didn't matter. The Redskins are in a hole and need to win out plus get charity.

ATL 34 TB 20: The Falcons again saw an early lead disappear. Then something funny happened. They won anyway.

CIN 30 CLE 16: The Browns made a game of it early. But something funny happened here too. The Bengals didn't make enough mistakes and pulled away.

TEN 20 IND 16: Something funny was going to happen here no matter what. Either Indy was going to win or Tennessee was going to win. Mariota and Brissett were both mediocre, but Maroita pulled away with 2 INTs to Brissett's 1 lost fumble. The running game was even. With 6 minutes to go the Colts had the ball and a chance. They gained -3 yards, their second negative drive of the game. Funny. Then something even funnier happened. The Titans went into first place. Not a typo.

BUF 16 KC 10: Gee, if Tyrod had only started last week. Don't kid yourself. But Buffalo is in the wildcard ranks with 5 games to go. KC is in the pits as they slowly, excruciatingly and inexorably squander first place in the one-team-over-.500 AFCW.

PHI 31 CHI 3: The Bears actually gave up? No, but didn't make much difference. One team above .500 in the NFCE. Guess who.

CAR 35 NYJ 27: Luke Keuchly provided the go-ahead score plus the winning margin with an 8-point TD early in the 4th. Cam: 11/28, 168, 59.8 QBR. McCown: 19/36, 307, 3 TDs, 109.4 QBR. How? It's the Jets. I guess.

NE 35 MIA 17: A nice, comfortable rout was taking shape when NE, driving to make it 21-0, went into a fit of Alabama disease (making it 14-7) and nearly mistook themselves into a dogfight. They recovered but it wasn't pretty and that led to several injuries, some to key players, and Brady's worst game in a while (though still 114 QBR somehow).

SEA 24 SF 13: Another tour-de-force for Seattle (not). Is this the start of the Garoppolo era in Santa Clara? Might have to be.

LAR 26 NO 20: Despite what looked like a surprisingly dominating appearance by the Rams it came down to an onside kick. But they held on to go 8-3, alone at the top again. The Saints now have company in the NFCS penthouse.

ARI 27 JAX 24: Bortles ran for 2 TDs. Unfortunately he's paid to pass, and Blaine Gabbert outdid him in that category. Think about it. Speaking of penthouses, the Jags and Titans (can you stand it?) now share it but for tiebreakers in the AFCS.

OAK 21 DEN 14: Looks like the Raiders got it together until you realize (1) they played Denver, and (2) Denver scored all 14 points in the 4th quarter. They threw everything but Osweiler at the Raiders, for whom Carr had a now-rare good game.

PIT 31 GB 28: Somehow Clueless Brett (not Favre) had a better game than Ben. Well, until the Pack, already committed to tying the game, scored before the 2-minute warning. But then they held and got it back with 1:27. And gave it back with 27 seconds. It was enough for Ben and Brown to get close enough for a 53-yard winner. Pitt had more trouble with a patsy than NE, but got hurt less. Shazier hurt his ankle but came back taped. We'll see.

[email protected]: I still say BAL for no good reason.

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Reply Ark_Razor
2:20 AM on November 27, 2017 
All of a sudden the Debtors are in the thick of things not only for the AFCWC but the AFCW. They almost control their own destiny at 5-6.

Bleats looking pretty good all of sudden, but it will come down to how they do in the Seachicken house.
Reply vapor5
6:42 AM on November 27, 2017 
Kammara made it a game for my Saints. Our secondary is looking porous again. Rams were the better team
Stating the obvious:should Denver get all new QBs next season?
Reply the immortal scurds
9:18 AM on November 27, 2017 
pulling for the chargers to get in. they r good. and i am starting to believe in the rams now as they continue to knock off all challengers. the chiefs? whast the hell happened to thiat team? thery have fallen apart.
Reply the immortal scurds
9:19 AM on November 27, 2017 
hats off to the young fella playing qb for the pack. that was a hell of a game against a tier 1 opponent. is aaron rodgers trade bait?
Reply Radatz
12:39 PM on November 27, 2017 
Andy's system works until you figure it out; then there's no plan B. KC drew attention early. So did Denver, same story basically. The Raiders? Dunno. But nobody took SD/LA seriously. I think their road to the end may be more difficult now that they're an item.
Reply the immortal scurds
3:18 PM on November 27, 2017 
gotta be smith. kelce is open all over the field. and they r playing slow. their game plan seemed to run ot the clock in the 4th quarter. no tempo no urgency..
Reply the immortal scurds
3:22 PM on November 27, 2017 
chargers have cleve wash at home, and then go to kc and the jrets and finish with a winnable home game vs the raiders. its doable.
Reply Radatz
6:08 PM on November 27, 2017 
the immortal scurds says...
gotta be smith. kelce is open all over the field. and they r playing slow. their game plan seemed to run ot the clock in the 4th quarter. no tempo no urgency..

Pure Andy. Remember what McNabb did?
Reply the immortal scurds
7:33 PM on November 27, 2017 
Radatz says...
Pure Andy. Remember what McNabb did?

not sure what your referring too.
Reply Radatz
8:46 PM on November 27, 2017 
No tempo, no urgency. Nonexistant clock management. Andy's trademark.
Reply the immortal scurds
9:41 PM on November 27, 2017 
Radatz says...
No tempo, no urgency. Nonexistant clock management. Andy's trademark.

yeah yeah got it. but i remember mcnabb struggling AGAINST that . i'm a firm believer in playing offense quickly. the pats play quick. so do the rams and eagles. it works, ask jim kelly.
Reply Radatz
10:06 PM on November 27, 2017 
Oh, I think Mr. Brady is adequate :)

I think I have never seen an Andy game where I wasn't climbing the walls telling his offense to get going already. When it works it looks like genius clock management. It works about 10% of the time though.

I remember McNabb lollygagging the clock away in the SB.
Reply the immortal scurds
8:28 AM on November 28, 2017 
mcnabb was puking in that game. lol. no question its agonizing to watch a team burn off their chance to win. its really hard on a defense. the o knows whats coming.