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Week 13: Bad Enough in a Normal Year

Posted by Radatz on November 28, 2017 at 10:10 PM

One tough week to pick coming up, even for this year. The usual plethora of extraneous reasons (like who's trying) persist, but will they ebb in some teams as crunch time approaches? Then we have injuries, which are piling up. But even in a season without the fangs of the DNC sunk into the sport, it's a tough week due to matchups alone.

[email protected]: Here's one mystery. Both teams are losers with little hope of a wildcard slot. But it's a rivalry. One team looks to have absolutely quit. I wonder. The Skins have tried hard enough for me to give them the nod.

[email protected]: Case has been making opposing QBs disappear, but this week will he finally have too much to bite off? Atlanta needs the game more than Minnesota. Atlanta's at home. But here's the rub: Atlanta's still Atlanta. Neither has shown overt signs of quitting though, and that would tend to make it a pretty even match on paper, so... home team.

[email protected]: Another baffler. The Lions do try hard. The Ravens? Who knows? I'll cop out with 'home team', but the real reason is what happens when I pick the Lions.

[email protected]: Make no mistake, NE wants this game, but they won't force walking wounded to play and they've got a lot of those. Bennett's now an official illusion too. They'll play in a diminished state and it'll probably be closer than anticipated by most. But I'm not taking Buffalo.

[email protected]: Now here's an even match. The Bears were lovable for a while. The Niners never were. Probably not the ideal time for Garoppolo to make his debut, but the opponent makes things easier. I'll still take the home team. It's that impossible. I'm that desperate.

[email protected]: If you think Hundley had a coming-out party (while losing) last week you obviously take Green Bay. The Bucs put up a pretty good fight themselves... and lost. Fitz has played better than Jameis had, and is still mediocre. Brett has been consistently awful and pretty good once. Home team?

[email protected]: This could be the Jags' swan song. Their DNA is screaming for it. Ok, I tried. Home team.

[email protected]: Where did the league come up with this schedule? Miami put up a fight last week. Denver revived Seimian. I think. Does it matter? Does either team care at this point? Home team. I guess.

[email protected]: I can't believe I'm doing this. Yep. Jets.

[email protected]: How did Tennessee win last week? Oh yeah, they played the Colts. And came from behind. Meanwhile the Texans barely lost to Baltimore despite Savage's 2 picks. The picks hurt, but he got no favors from his receivers, his OL, or ESPN which pounded its Watson-savior theme over his head. Fact is, he's not that bad or that good. Fact is, media shills are going to look stupid again when Watson comes back and does a Dak. Fact is, O'Brien's not a very good head coach. Fact is, Tennessee will outmediocre Houston at home.

[email protected]: Finally a ray of light. Is this a trap game or what? Remember that the team getting 'trapped' is 5-6. Has all the earmarks of this weekend's shocker. But it won't have the scoreboard marks.

[email protected]: Yipes, an actual big game in what once projected as a bottom feeder frenzy. The Panther D can push you around, but let's face it, without an obvious TD being stolen by the officials last week they would've lost to the Jets. I'm guessing home team.

[email protected]: Some more relief. The Rams should win this game in the first 30 minutes.

[email protected]: The Raiders looked like they actually tried a little last week, but they're maybe the league's worst 'inmates' case. The Giants meanwhile reverted to 'basket' case in the second half. Following Oakland is a fool's errand. The Giants can win this just by showing up. Will they? It's the only question. EDIT: Geno's the 2nd question now. Will the Giants suddenly play better for him? That'll be the 3rd question and would lead to a lot of unsavory followup questions, none of which of course would be asked.

[email protected]: O ho. The feature match. Are the Eagles really that good? Are the Seahawks done or are they about to start their year-end run? Home field is huge. But I think the Eagles are just too hot.

[email protected]: Our third thank-you of the week. The Steelers have cracks, but the Bengals won't find them.

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Reply the immortal scurds
11:56 PM on November 28, 2017 
the cowboys were given a horrible non existent pi call to start the 2nd half with a td this week. they will get another push in this game too, but they have no pass rush and bad corners. cousins should be able to pick them apart. but the cowboys will play hard in this game and the skins have a deeply injured oline. can they beat motivatede dallas on the road if the boys get 2 calls? i think so.
the thing is, julio jones finally went off last week. if hes healthy and hot, the falcon o is unstoppable.
and this looks like a real bad spot for ne. brady is still taking lots of hits, and buffalo has new life. they shouldnt win, but i'll take them here.
simien is clearly the better qb. denver will have a better week.
i'm leaning to the jets too
eli manning is benched. i'll take oak
sea and cincy get blown out
Reply Radatz
12:28 AM on November 29, 2017 
If Eli's benched, I might join you. Why would they bench him? To give him a wakeup call? Geno? Could be the worst game of the decade.
Reply vapor5
7:12 AM on November 29, 2017 
Gino's , a fast food joint started by Gino Marchetti in the 1960's, had a slogan . Gino's is the place to go. This doesn't apply to the Giants.
Reply the immortal scurds
7:28 AM on November 29, 2017 
vapor5 says...
Gino's , a fast food joint started by Gino Marchetti in the 1960's, had a slogan . Gino's is the place to go. This doesn't apply to the Giants.

Reply Radatz
12:00 PM on November 29, 2017 
vapor5 says...
Gino's , a fast food joint started by Gino Marchetti in the 1960's, had a slogan . Gino's is the place to go. This doesn't apply to the Giants.

Bet nobody complained about the food.
Reply Radatz
2:13 PM on November 29, 2017 
NY papers are full of how classy Eli has been with the bad news. But now local radio says he wants out and the Manning media/agent machine is going full bore. So now it's 'where will he go'? The guy who refused to play for San Diego and forced the Rivers trade... hmm... think the Chargers wish they had Eli instead of Rivers now? I say the Browns. That would improve NFL TV ratings in one household --- mine. Then again, he'd be safer there than in the NY backfield.

I'm sticking with NY this week though. The Raiders have morphed into a mob with enough aggregate stupidity to sink a battleship. It's an appealing upset pick even for a Giant anti-fan.
Reply the immortal scurds
3:22 PM on November 29, 2017 
he'll be headed for denver i bet.
Reply Ark_Razor
9:15 PM on November 29, 2017 
Stains-Debtors has all of the earmarks of a beatdown game simply b/c the Stains got their only win against in the last two years against them in CLE.

Squealers have not quit and will beat down the Bungles. I'll take the Radars over the Oafs simply b/c everyone is alive in the AFCW.
Reply vapor5
11:34 AM on November 30, 2017 
rad - Gino's was loved In Bmore in the 1960 and early 70. then it faded. It was re-started a few years ago and has been so-so