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profit prophet 17.13

Posted by the immortal scurds on November 30, 2017 at 4:15 PM

lucky 13. throw caution to the winfd:

wash -.5:  dal won 33-19 in oct, but they put up 169 yds rushing. thats unlikely to happen again with zeke out. the cowboys arent the same team with dak and dez as they are with zeke and deke. kirk cousins is the better qb. take him. 28-17

min+3: freeman might be back, but julio remains on the in jured list with a bum ankle. if he was 100% the -3 is about right. minnesota has a 7 game win streak going too.

hous+7:  its just too many points. houston's tom savage is getting just a little bit better each week, and might surprise the titans, who may not have murray.

jets+3.5: is alex smith on a short leash? the chief offense is a mess. it looks like a terrible time to go on the road vs the upstart jettes. chiefs 27-24

den-,5: simien is the best qb in denver, and will be anxious to reclaim his job against the miami flounders

indy+9.5: no way u can give away that many if u r jax.  jax wins 29.4-20

det+3: the ravens looked awful in their win vs hous. det 24-21

bills+8:  the bills will play kerep away, and they will get some hits on brady.

san fran+3.5: who knows? take the points

chargers-14: chargers are on a roll and feeling it. cleveland can see seasons end, and they r feeling it too

oak-7:  sadsack demoralized giants on a long road trip to play the raiders who have a great shot in the afc west.

nwo-4:  home ice should be enough to push the better team to a win.

rams-7.5: seattle is playing philly. the rams should be all in on this one.

philly-5.5:  i expect seattle to get pounded in philly's coming out party sunday nite spotlight

pittsburgh-6: spread seems a bit small to me. the bengals appear to be a mess.

good luck!

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Reply Radatz
12:17 AM on December 1, 2017 
Skins snookered us both. What an awful game. 4 turnovers? Kick return for a TD? Defensive collapse? Dallas is back in the race! Yeah, right.

Speaking of race, meanwhile the NFL tries to pay $100M ransom to the kneelers? This is going to refill the seats? Where's Charles Bronson when you need him to play the commissioner in Death Wish VI ?
Reply the immortal scurds
12:44 AM on December 1, 2017 
dallas pass rush showed up out of nowhere. skins oline was bad. maybe going to dez more is a good idea eh dak?
unbelievable isnt it? this league is sooooo out of touch i want it to collapse now. start a new one. i really cant believe that the nfl dsoesnt just go where the money is and fuckin boot these kneelers to the curb. bring in replacements who arent as good. who cares? i can watch a game without missing michael bennet or marshawn linch for 1 second. the fans are tuning out. its been a bad football year, the superbowl is guaranteed to be a bust with all the bullshit going them. leave them behind. soooooo shortsighted
Reply vapor5
6:54 AM on December 2, 2017 
I can see telling my employer ,you better give money to my favorite "charity" or else
Reply Radatz
12:44 AM on December 3, 2017 
I had no problem watching the USFL when the NFL was gagging on greed in the 80s, and I regularly watched the AFL in the 60s (when I could). Best 'athletes'? Watch reruns of the Decathalon. Watch 14 year old girls do flips in gymnastics. I just want to watch decent no-nonsense football. And I don't mean the XFL.

Hey Vap... GM gave UAW job banks back in, what, the 80s? Laid off? Sit all day at the 'job bank' and get paid 95% of your last salary plus bennies. But even out-of-control 'bargaining' isn't as disgusting as watching race-based extortion. And of course we (fans/customers/taxpayers) end up paying for everything anyway. Sorry for fragmented link. Bet Galf knows all this, right in his backyard.