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Week 14: Stretch Run Starts

Posted by Radatz on December 6, 2017 at 10:50 PM

It's the time of year (perhaps especially this year) to throw a little weight on who's still playing for something and who's not. The Christmas run. Pretty good schedule. If the NFL can't recover its ratings now at least maybe it's time to think things over. Except when they do that they put on their pandering hats and make it worse. For his great work, Goodell is now with us for 5 more years. Sic semper erat...

And now some 'analysts', especially those of a certain persuasion, are claiming that Gronkowski's suspension is an example of the black/white double standard in the NFL (and of course in 'society'), also citing Brady's tiff with McDaniels using Beckham as the foil. In case you were wondering whether the DNC has its fingers in the football media too. Or maybe just Goodell... nah.

Ah well... on to actual football while it lasts....

[email protected]: How'd this get on TNF? No problem with playoff motivation here, that's for sure. Atlanta's looking up at a spot now. The Saints have a tenuous hold on first place. If it were in NO I'd just say 'Saints'. But it's not. I'm still saying 'Saints'.

[email protected]: The Bills are far from out of it. The Colts are done on both sides, horsemeat for Acme Affordable Burgers. Oddly, Brissett's probably better than Tyrod. It's a game Indy could win. But we still go with the home team.

[email protected]: Carolina should have more motivation in the form of desperation. The Vikes have first place all but sewn up. It's in Charlotte. It's High Lift Cam vs. Justin Case. So why am I picking Minnesota? Show me, Panthers.

[email protected]: Cin City's latest transgression wasn't all their fault, just partly. The Bears' latest act was punching bag for a debut. Not heady stuff, but Cincy still actually has a shot. A different set of officials may produce a better outcome. Home team.

[email protected]: The Packers have an outside shot. Rodgers could return for the last two weeks. They have a mission. They probably aren't good enough to accomplish it, but they can prolong the illusion one more week at least.

[email protected]: Interesting or what? Houston has a snowball's chance. SF has zero. But are they energized? They don't need the top pick for a QB now. Hmm. I think energy carries the Niners. Maybe not, but worth the shot.

[email protected]: Wow. The great ancient rivalry has become the toilet bowl again. Motivation is both teams' enemy, it seems. Chiefs will win on the law of averages.

[email protected]: The Lions have sort of a shot. The Bucs can forget it. Now the coach says they'll be targeting Stafford's stepped-on hand. Do you admire his candor or cringe at his cheap-shot intimidation try? In any event Stafford, should he play, will be sub-par. Or will he just be in more pain than usual? Shapes up to me like the kind of game Stafford likes.

[email protected]: Eli's back. Ben and the GM are gone. It's clear who wears the pants on this franchise. Return of the Inmates? You bet. The Boys meanwhile had a revival of sorts. They're not fully cooked yet. If the Boys lose this they never were real. At all.

[email protected]: Cards are pretty well done. Titans are in first. Why do I think Arizona makes this a game? Don't know but I think they will. And if Tennessee loses this one... you know.

[email protected]: Big test for the Jets, who are the most celebrated 5-7 team in history. When else do you remember anyone picking a 5-7 visitor in Denver?

[email protected]: Not too long ago you'd have looked at this and said "the Chargers will be out of it and the Skins will still have a shot, soooo, Redskins." How things have changed since not too long ago.

[email protected]: Both teams 8-4. Both at the top of the wildcard hunt. It's the Roadhawks. Are they really just turning it on for the end as usual? Didn't work last year. Probably not this year either. But it'll probably work in this game. I think. Unless that Saxonville D is really as good as advertised. But the Jags are an unknown quantity when success breathes down their necks.

[email protected]: I don't recall when team lost in Seattle and took such a bath for it. But one suspects the erstwhile best team in the NFC enter this game with a dent in their confidence. Probably a bad place for that. Things can compound fast when you ain't been there before. Not that the Rams have but at least they're at home.

[email protected]: The refs won't dare do to Baltimore what they did to Cincinnati who despite a ton of mistakes could have won but for a few well-timed flags. Pitt's eking out wins against bad teams and getting a push. I'll risk the assumption that the Ravens are making their own push. And they need the game more. The lead for top seed depends on next week anyway for Pitt.

[email protected]: The Fins lit it up last week. Ok, so it was the Roadbroncos. I still bet nobody expected it. And no Gronk either. Didn't he miss the last half of last year though?

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Reply the immortal scurds
11:37 PM on December 6, 2017 
i missed a couple, no lines yet. im going to make a bet on the 8 games we agree on.
Reply the immortal scurds
11:41 PM on December 6, 2017 
nwo-1.5, dal-5.5, san fran +3, min-3, nyj-1.5, zona +3.5, bal+5.5, ne-11.5.
2 bucks at 150-1 pays 300.
Reply the immortal scurds
11:48 PM on December 6, 2017 
id go buf tb.. rams can win if goff can distribute the ball alor.
Reply Radatz
9:54 PM on December 7, 2017 
More funny stuff to erase points at the end of the half (or game). One of the NFL's favorite point management tricks. Atlanta gets the same push on a phantom illegal formation call (plus runoff) that Seattle got a few years ago vs. NE on a phantom intentional grounding, or that the Jets got at the end of the game against NE the next year on a phantom 'pushing the pile', in that case to give them a 2nd try at the winning FG from 15 yards closer.
Reply the immortal scurds
11:22 PM on December 7, 2017 
its been a roller coaster. now brees with the inexplicable red zone fuck up.