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Posted by Radatz on January 2, 2018 at 2:45 AM

Coaching and other staff news will be a whirlpool for a while yet, but here are the early birds.

CIN: As predicted here, Marvin Lewis is proving as hard to hold to a retirement statement as Al Franken. He seems to be milking the victories over the Ravens and Lions to play the coy diva. These may be the costliest victories in Bengals history.

CLE: You just knew when Kizer somehow managed to throw for 300+ vs. Pittsburgh in a losing effort to Landry Jones that the Browns were going to bring Hue back. Why? It's the Browns. Who else would bring him back for 'stability'? At 1-31, that's not exactly what you want. Remember, they were actually a tough out with Hoyer at QB just before the QB genius showed up.

DEN: Really? 5-11 in Denver and he's coming back? Why not, they already fired OC McCoy who probably should have been the HC in the first place. Vance is safe. So is Kansas City.

HOU: Why should Bill O'Brien have been worried in the first place? After all, he took the reins of a 9-7 team and led them to consecutive 9-7 seasons. His 3-year record is 22-36. But it all would be different if Watson were there. Besides, Deshaun likes him. Now there's a basis for keeping a coach. The GM can't stand him. That's some org chart.

IND: Chuck Pagano's out. In truth it seems the only thing that's kept him in place is the question of whether what success he had was due to Andrew Luck or not. That's been answered, but the GM who dealt him the mess is gone. Luck may be too. Why not totally clean house? It's actually not a bad idea. Unfortunately, the remainder of the team is still there, along with the owner.

OAK: Not only is Del Rio out of this uncontrollable cesspool, but now we hear Vegas Chucky is being offered ownership stakes to come in and clean things up. Or put a lazy crew of uncoachable misfits to sleep, something he's good at. No problem, they're going to Vegas soon and poof, things will change. Seen the Golden Knights' record lately? You catch my drift. Got a better one?

TEN: Mularkey's still there because Tennessee bungled into the playoffs somehow. Unless they go to the AFCC, here's guessing his next loss is his last.

ARI: Arians has retired. Even he couldn't take it any longer. Who can blame him? He squeezed all the team had out of them and it was never enough. Close on occasion.

CHI: The Old Fox is done. His fault? Maybe or maybe not, but the GM is still there and he had to fire somebody besides himself. They never got over six wins in 3 years. Then again they never really had a good team either.

DAL: Garrett is staying. Why, you ask? Simple: when JJ speaks he says "Yes, Sir!" It's good job security around there. Scratch the Boys for one more season at least... and two more decades isn't out of the question.

DET: Caldwell is finally gone. What this team could have become. This window is just about closed now. The team that should have beaten Green Bay at least once (besides this year of course) is on the wrong side of the mountain, barring their hiring a short-order miracle worker.

NYG: We knew about McAdieu. What we don't know is who Eli's next victim will be.

TB: Koetter is still around. Good thing. Why? It meant Chucky turned 'em down. Ok, it's still bad, but until Winston actually grows up, if that's possible, no coach will help.

WAS: Speaking of Grudens, Jay's safe. He may wish otherwise when Cousins leaves. Or stays.

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Reply vapor5
7:09 AM on January 2, 2018 
Al Davis is turning over in is grave . over and over .......
Reply Ferociousjane
11:31 AM on January 2, 2018 
Warriors and others were reporting yesterday that Mike Vrabel is getting some looks in Detroit and Indy.
Reply the immortal scurds
4:37 PM on January 2, 2018 
slim pickens. i mean uh, brad childress going to test the waters?
Reply Galfur
6:55 PM on January 2, 2018 
My feelings are best summarized in song.

"Jimmy cracked corn..................."

But what I would like to add is BROCK BOESER - anyone see that kid coming?

Damn Sam!

Good to see Rask back in Vezina form, well, for a couple of weeks anyway. Can he keep it up?
Reply Radatz
10:07 PM on January 2, 2018 
Don't feel too bad, Browns fans. Cincinnati just gave Marvelous Marvin a 2-year extension! At least you only have Jackson for one more --- so far.

How does the heartland of football country end up with two teams that use Uzis to shoot themselves in the feet?
Reply the immortal scurds
9:06 AM on January 3, 2018 
Radatz says...
Don't feel too bad, Browns fans. Cincinnati just gave Marvelous Marvin a 2-year extension! At least you only have Jackson for one more --- so far.

How does the heartland of football country end up with two teams that use Uzis to shoot themselves in the feet?

mindboggling. lewis has a few wins at least, but o-16? maybe its MORE embarassing to post a job and have no applicants
Reply Ferociousjane
9:12 PM on January 7, 2018 
I took a class in Greek cooking . Pretty sure I can make a serviceable spanakopita once I find some decent phyllo. Thanks for the inspiration.
Reply Radatz
12:21 AM on January 8, 2018 
Make sure you use nice green XV olive oil!
Reply Ferociousjane
10:52 AM on January 8, 2018 
Radatz says...
Make sure you use nice green XV olive oil!

Yeah, I think I picked up a few useful olive oil tips over the last few years :)

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