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Posted by JDIN827 on January 27, 2018 at 9:50 AM

What is wrong with the Cavs?  To have chemistry issues, etc. I could understand...BUT to learn that they are NOT playing hard, and are being called soft?  Whaaaaaaaaaaaa?  You make millions, you go out and play!   Plus the rumors and fingerpointing!  Of course, the media sensationalizes alot of it.

Right now, they are NOT a great team, and most have said a first round elimination.  Totally UNACCEPTABLE!  

I'm tired of hearing about Lebron - he's going, he wont commit to next year.  He holds the organization captive all the time!  He does it because he can - he holds the power in Cleveland.  You think with all the krap going on he would say something?  But in Lebron fashion he wont.  Then he'll get out of dodge in July when, yet again, he doesnt have the players around him to win.  This blaming IT for the team's troubles is just what he needed as an excuse too.  Didnt get the right players in the trade.  Shouldnt have traded Kyrie.  IT calling out Love's commitment.  Team losing with IT on roster.  Team complaining about IT's pace and all the shots he takes.  IT complaining that the team doesnt practice.  Windhorst noting that IT is killing the team, talking about Lebron's frustration with the losing and lack of dee.  Boston will win the Eastern Conference.  Local reporters talking about Ty's coaching ability and not making roster changes.  Crowder and Thompson not playing up to potential.  Kyrie threatened to have surgery to get out.  Hill trade not close.  Lebron ticked we didnt get George (Griffin was working on it, but got fired).  Rumors that Dan is selling the team. Looking their age.  Cant run with the young guns. 

YUCK!  The bright spot in Cleveland sports is taking its typical Cleveland down-turn.  People say we will be Lebron-less and a bad team again just as we were in the past.  Oh Joy!

I dont know what is true and what is not, but its been very hard to watch the Cavs lose big leads, just plain lose, and look silly against the really good teams...and lose to teams they should destroy.  Everyone and everything under the microscope...Is it their yearly January swoon or something more?  Me thinks something more.  The Golden State Warriors are laughing at us.  Grrrrrrrrrrr.  Our we are used to June scenario may be slipping away quickly. 

Uneventful off-season for the Tribe.  Not sure if that is good or bad.  After last season's disappointing first round bye bye, not sure if they did enough to overcome the hump.  The Yankees sure have lately.  Sure, great pitching and bullpen, but is that enough?  Francona says we have motivation after that early exit.  Is that enough?  I havent read that much on the Tribe to know, but I think we will win the Division...and, Kluber, Miller and Edward get bobbleheads this year!  

A bright spot (ironically) is the Browns.  We have made good choices in new coaches, and FINALLY have an offensive coordinator.  Dorsey is a football guy who seems to know what he is doing.  #1 and #4, first pick of the second #35, #63, #65, #97....7 of the Top 100!   Plus #119, 129, 150, 161, 193...Twelve out of 224.  They HAVE to do somehing very good with Round 1 and 2 picks.  I'd be very happy with a Franchise QB and either Barkley or Fitzpatrick at 4.  Plus, get a Veteran QB and add to the offense and defense with picks 33, 35.   Not sure what they will do, but THIS year, I'm certain they wont mess it up as they have done for decades.  This team is soooooo bad, anything is better!

Who would you pick with 1 and 4?  Would you trade 4?  I think we're sick of the "trade down" krap in Cleveland.  

Oh, and guess who is looking at the #1 Draft Class baby!   The ole Scarlet n Gray!  Gooo Bucks!



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Reply the immortal scurds
2:02 PM on January 27, 2018 
its boring, but the browns need to draft cornerstone linemen if they r there. i dont think the franchise qb plan can work on that team at this point no matter who it is.
lebron is now a problem i think. and he seems to quit when the cavs r behind. u need a coach and a system that works, and then players that buy in. u dont see tom brady making policy for the pats, at least not publicly. thats how u win consistently. coach scurdsy out!
Reply Ferociousjane
5:29 PM on January 27, 2018 
You could tell it was going to be a lameduck year for Lebron when the Cavs signed Wade ( James' washed up and broke down best friend ) and Rose.
When the coach can't even find a player who is supposed to be on the court you know control is lost. It's like Lebron made the Cavs a home for stiffs trying to hobble thru one last season/ paycheck after which LeBron bolts as well. Luckily, he at least did bring a championship to Cleveland.

Off the top of my head, the Indians lost Bruce, Shaw, and Santana.I'm not sure they've brought anyone in yet . I'm concerned they seem to be putting a lot of stock into Brantley staying healthy. How often does that happen? Heck, the guy drops injured doing nothing but standing in the outfield. I'm not convinced he even gives them 60 games.

Nevertheless, I have tickets for opening day out here in Seattle. I have some family members coming out --which I am looking forward to.

There are a handful of high five star players trending Georgia . So I think they eventually take the top class unless we can do something crazy and get Petit-Frere ( a long shot) and Rasheed Walker. Last I looked Georgia had one more scholly to offer as well. boy , did they reap the reward of having the a ridiculous amount of talent in state AND having a great year.
Watch out for OHIO talent next year though. Unlike that fat fuck Carman top Ohio kids are looking like Buckeyes.

Losing Kerry Coombs is gonna hurt for a while. That news still makes me sad. Guess we can always cheer for Tennessee of the Saints until the Browns get their act together.

Go Buckeye hoops!

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