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Reluctant Week 5 Wrap. This One's Necessary

Posted by Radatz on October 9, 2017 at 12:20 AM

As week 5 dawned, the big question was "who's tanking?" Sad. See below.

BAL 30 OAK 17: The actual signature news item of last week was not just the loss of Derek Carr to a fracture in his back, but how the QB who went untouched last season had been pummeled repeatedly after refusing to kneel during the Anthem. The grapevine had it that his racist teammates opened the doors. Liberal-leaning Snopes tried to put it to rest (not as hard as others), but succeeded only in bolstering a likely true story rather than turning it into another urban legend:

The team that turtled without Carr last year took full advantage of league and media protest-pandering. Same Old Raiders with a new spin. The team that many took seriously slides back into well-deserved oblivion. So long saps.

JAX 30 PIT 9: Problem with all this is that now you have to wonder when these things happen. Ben picked 5 times, 2 for TDs? They weren't all his fault, but some were. The Jag pass defense has become good and is getting better. Marrone's turned them into Buffalo South. No QB, good running game (183 for Fournette) and a solid defense. Pittsburgh? You gotta wonder how many doors were left open.

PHI 34 ARI 7: The only thing you gotta wonder about in this game is how bad Zona has become and how good Wentz' Eagles are becoming. Wasn't close. You knew that.

LAC 27 NYG 22: The Chargers finally found somebody they could beat, and it was one of the faves for the NFCE this season, now mired at 0-5, again without their main excuse (Beckham) and now without Brandon Marshall either. So much for the unbeatable set of wideouts. So much for wideouts being the #1 success factor anyway. The Giants already mangled that theory.

MIA 16 TEN 10: Wasn't it just a few years ago we had "ten ten" almost every week? With Mariota being another lost QB we may see more of it. Cutler hit 46% for 92 yards. Cassel was actually better than that. Ajayi averaged 3 yards per carry. And they still won.

CIN 20 BUF 16: In a game with more mediocre QB stats, Cinci popped Buffalo's bubble. Funny thing is, Cinci's still in the race. So is Buffalo, now tied for first with NE and...

NYJ 17 CLE 14: .... the Jets?? Yup. Josh McCown turns out to be the best QB they've had in years. Let that settle in. As for the Browns, there was good news if they let themselves see it. Kizer was bad. In came Hogan, the Stanford guy I kept wishing NE would pick off. So what did he do? Oh, just go 16/19 for 194 and a 122 QBR, actually better than McCown's. Alas, to no avail despite the Brown D holding NY to 34 on the ground. You tell me.

IND 26 SF 23: How bad is SF? On a day when Hoyer compiles a 101 QBR and throws 2 TDs, they still lose. To Indianapolis. And Brissette. With Frank Gore getting 48 yards, 2nd best on... the Colts. Just to rub it in.

CAR 27 DET 24: For the second straight week, Cam Newton looked like a QB. This week the QBR was 142. The Lions aren't supposed to be that bad. Hmm. Carolina did zero in the 4th as the Lions came... 'scuse me, roared... back, but when it mattered, they held the ball for over 3 minutes to end the game.

NE 19 TB 14: On a short week 5, the suspiciously bumbling NE defense made something of a turnaround. It's not that TB didn't move the ball. The game had over 800 yards. And no one hit 20?

SEA 16 LAR 10: The Rams were in striking distance at the end, but never got there, and the Roadhawks vaulted the Rams (on the tiebreaker) into first. It is astounding how many 3-2 and 2-3 teams there are. Hmm. It is equally astounding that a team as bad as the Cards is 1 game out of first.

GB 35 DAL 31: If Aaron Rodgers could keep his mouth shut the Pack would be a lovable team. Depth-challenged already, they went to 4-1 in Dallas as Rodgers put on a show with a minute left to get the win. Prescott did what he could to give GB a late hole to dig out of. Rodgers is good, but the Dallas D has problems.

KC 42 HOU 34: Don't get excited; it wasn't that close. It was all KC when Kelce was cheap-shotted in the head by Gilchrist toward the end of the first half. The Chiefs scored anyway to take a 16-point lead into halftime. Smith could do no wrong. Watson, brilliant last week, looked lost and inaccurate, nearly throwing several picks. But in the 2nd half (was it no Kelce?) Smith and Reid both started making bad decisions. Houston, meanwhile, ran so well it eventually opened things up and Watson started to play better. That said, eventually it was 42-26. Watson padded his stats shamelessly in garbage time to the delight of Panderin' Chris. He ended up with the most meaningless 5-TD performance in history, most of his 16/31 120 QBR (???) night's success coming while down by 3 scores. Both teams lost a lot of players, most notably Kelce and Watt, the latter probably headed to IR. KC remains undefeated.

MIN@CHI: I don't care. You don't care.

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Reply the immortal scurds
12:51 PM on October 9, 2017 
if they somehow prove the raider oline is playing matador, the nfl may indeed be dead.
fournette and a little defense has the jags on the brink of becoming a good team. :). pittsburgh has many holes
and to me at this point the eagles r the best team in the nfc. and getting better. mechanically efficient, and competent in all phases. they win the nfc east. and appea headed for a showdown with another nfc team.
why all the hype about the giants preseason? they werent a good team last year even.
watching andrew luck's career come to a close in indy. bissonette is darn good.
car? pretty big lead they gave up, and cammy's big revenge game is over til next time.
if you rewatched the pat-tb game, you would see multiple drops and bobbles of really nice winston passes that would have cetanly trned the game, and you would notice brady getting pounded by a buc defense that hasnt had a sack since gruden was coaching
the rams were guaranteed to slo down soon. they will bounce back.
dal is not a good team. and rogers can win stuff by himself.
kc has emeged as the overwhelming favorite to go to the less than super bowl.
and its clear that instructions were given at the start of the year to not reverse the call. kind of stupid to have replay then aint it.
agree on collinsworth. tired of his lameness. bring back jaws
Reply vapor5
1:59 PM on October 9, 2017 
rad - LOL on Rodgers' mouth.
Zuerlein missed FG hurt, then the kid Kupp not holding onto a TD pass in the final minute
Don't root for the Colts , but I did yesterday once some of the 9ers knelt
Reply the immortal scurds
5:20 PM on October 9, 2017 
pittsburgh is coming apart at the seams. the anthem debacle, brown's sideline tantrum, and then ben spent the week calling out anty brown, and tossed 5 ints. tomlin has lost the team. this is rothlisburger's final season, and its not going to end well
Reply Radatz
7:29 PM on October 9, 2017

I know the link gets fractured in the comments, but you can always look it up at least. Through all this crap, the 'presumed truth' is that Trump is evil and the NFL kneelers are knights in shining armor.

Ben's wearing down, but if a telephone pole couldn't stop him I doubt this will either.
Reply Galfur
8:59 PM on October 9, 2017 
Turrible week for me but I can accept all my losses except one. WTH happened to Pitt at home?

I don't get it. Would it make sense if I watched games?
Reply Ark_Razor
11:51 PM on October 9, 2017 
Yea, pretty kid gloves treatment by Snopes regarding Carr. If the league breaks down along racial lines, it's over for the league.

What I'd really like to see is how other sports are doing compared to previous years, and then we can compare that to the NFL.
Reply Galfur
6:09 AM on October 10, 2017 
Ark_Razor says...
If the league breaks down along racial lines, it's over for the league.

When you have black players tackling white players and raising a "black power" fist afterward, I'd say the blacks are already breaking it down along racial lines.

I hope death comes quickly.
Reply Southern Lion
9:08 AM on October 10, 2017 
It's the NFL. I've lost interest.

Reply the immortal scurds
10:25 PM on October 10, 2017 
Southern Lion says...
It's the NFL. I've lost interest.


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