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0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 56
Posted by Mac D on August 10, 2012 at 4:12 PM

Week that was in sports: the NFL lost leverage in their lockout with the officials union based on last nights game. The NHL let it be known they will lockout the players. Texas has cut off ties with Josh Hamilton on a contract extension until after the season -- both sides are far, far apart. Miami isn't just full of athletic scandals and FSU hasn't had a 1,000 yard receiver or rusher in a long time. Penn State continues to lose players while the BOT meet Sunday. Bobby Petrino made his first public statement and LSU kicked the Honey Badger off the football team. New odds for the BCS winner while Alabama may find itself in hot water over a recruit.

We join Jonnie where we discuss the Olympics and all of the controversies and highlights. As well disecting the Coaches Poll.


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 55
Posted by Mac D on August 3, 2012 at 4:03 PM

Week that was in sports: behind the SEC out-of-conference schedule and where it ranks amongst the other major conferences. An Alabama grad trying to raise money for Penn State while the NCAA continues their ways of making academics more important. Notre Dame again breaks away from tradition. New odds on Stanley Cup favourites while Mark Messier won a $6 million greivance from the Canucks.

We join Jonne where we discuss the Olympics, the Browns new ownership and the MLB trade deadline.


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 54
Posted by Mac D on July 27, 2012 at 7:44 PM

Week that was in sports; the 2012 Olympic Games are officially under way, though with some controversy already. The Shane Doan watch continues while the Shea Weber one ends. One important Miami Dolphin player is not signed yet while the CFL suspended Khalif Mitchell. The insurer for Penn State says they are not liable for pay outs. The Big 10 clarifies their stance on absolute control by the commissoner. The NCAA has a "no combat" rule and SMU seems to not be able to shed the hooker label.

We join Jonnie where we discuss the sanctions at Penn State, Pac-12 Media Day and Ichiro to the Yankees.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 53
Posted by Mac D on July 22, 2012 at 2:44 PM

Week that was in sports; Penn State removed Joe Paterno's statue while the NCAA will reveal sanctions against the school tomorrow. How good has Texas A&M football been in the past 60 years? The Big East are millionaires but doesn't seem it will do them any good. The Rose Bowl let their stance on the playoff be known. Shea Weber received a massive offer sheet that could kill a franchise while the Sharks are in hot water when many did not expect them to be.

We join Jonnie and talked about the Big Ten Presidents proposal on giving the commissioner absolute power over firing, fining and suspending coaches. How smart or dumb was it for the Knicks to not match Jeremy Lin's offer sheet from Houston and the British Open.


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 52
Posted by Mac D on July 13, 2012 at 4:12 PM

Week that was in sports; Tony La Russa made himself into a liar leading up to the All-Star game. Reggie Jackson made some ill-advised comments while the Blue Jays made a splash while the MLB needs to change their trade deadline rule. Just how long is the KHL training camp and Zach Parise was compared to LeBron by friends. Bulletproof hockey and football players coming to an arena/stadium near you. The Packers enjoyed a nice season not only on the field but off it as well in terms of revenue and profit. The NFL passed new blackout rules but have a clause that makes the Colts decision to blackout all games under 100% justifiable. Notre Dame is trying to keep relevant in the college football world.

We join Jonnie again after 3 weeks which saw him travel to Ethiopia with his fellow Oregon State student-athletes with a program Beavers Without Borders. At the end Jonnie shares his journey and experience. As well we discuss Penn State, recent moves in the NBA and just how much the NCAA President makes and is it right to be that much?


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 51
Posted by Mac D on July 6, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Week that was in sports; more information about the college football playoff with some outside of the box thinking. Will Boise State really pay more for travel in regards to the Big East vs. Mountain West in football? Some figures of just how much money is to be made in football is revealed and Texas A&M made themselves look like fools. CNN dropped a bomb over Penn State and Joe Paterno while Pitt added an interesting player to its roster. Clemson is being taken along for a ride from one of their commits while robots may be taking over the gridiron!

The Oilers made an interesting signing while trade talks start picking up with some big name players. The NHLPA has started meeting for new CBA talks and Steve Nash was traded to the Lakers.

Jonnie will be joining us next week and will share his stories from his trip to Ethiopia with Beavers Without Borders.


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 50
Posted by Mac D on June 29, 2012 at 11:51 AM

Week that was in sports; College football will officially have a playoff starting in 2014. Not all of the details have been released or even fully deteremind but key information has been. Two SEC football players were arrested with a Georgia player highlighting the charges. NHL Free Agency is just two days away and teams are doing in house signings before the open market hits while others -- some surprises -- will be testing the waters.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 49
Posted by Mac D on June 22, 2012 at 2:40 PM

Week that was in sports; Kirk Gibson won't be winning any father awards anytime soon. The BCS came to a consensus on the future of college football. The SEC is favoured to win a lot of games this year while the Big Ten and Pac-12 have their odds winners. Why has the SEC won 6 straight BCS Titles? There is an astounding trend that tells why. Urban Meyer's full contract was released with some interesting bonus' and incentives for this year even with Ohio State ineligible for a bowl game. FIFA has come under fire yet again but have taken full responsibility and plan to make drastic changes. With the NBA draft coming up we look at trends from the college to pro game.

The CFL season is about to start and Mac App is your home for CFL Fantasy Football!

Click here for complete details on how to play, player selection and rules

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 48
Posted by Mac D on June 15, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Week that was in sports; Florida State posted a huge deficit -- millions -- but you wouldn't know it based on their recruiting expenses and where they compare to other schools. Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke voiced his opinion on recruiting rankings and star rankings while making a comparison to Tomy Brady. Interesting numbers on the conference breakdown for the amount of road games football teams will play. The MLB players voted for their least liked player and the top-5 ratings for last nights game by market were surprising in a way.

We join Jonnie before he heads to Ethiopia as he teams up with Beavers Without Borders -- also graduating this weekend. NCAA Mark Emmert spoke about the state of the NCAA and new rules/standards coming in the next few years. The Pac-12 Network released its football schedule and David Stern made some interesting comments to Jim Rome.


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 47
Posted by Mac D on June 8, 2012 at 1:50 PM

Week that was in sports: A story highighting disturbing facts about a former NHL player and how two NHL teams did not help. The MLB is discussing using replay more or not and a company has been mentioned about being used. Notre Dame held a football camp and the age demographics were interesting. A recruit had an interesting weekend in Nebraska on a football unofficial visit. Deadspin was at it again revealing a CNBC sports business reporter being punk'd. Drew Brees and the Saints each want to sign a long term deal but money is an issue.

We join Jonnie where we discuss fouling out in college basketball and should it be banned. Tiger Woods had a great Tournament leading up to the US Open. Does conference re-alignment and academics actually have bearing? A former NHLPA President gave his thoughts about the upcoming season which are not that good for hockey fans.


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