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0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 46
Posted by Mac D on June 1, 2012 at 2:19 PM

A busy week that was in sports; The SEC and Big 12 held their Spring Meetings laying out their stance on their prefered playoff format as well the SEC scheduling format. Steve Spurrier and the other 13 head coaches agreed on paying football and basketball players thousands of extra dollars a year which will open a new can of worms. New Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby weighed in on expansion while Hugh Freeze faces a huge problem his first year on the job. The National Championship game will not be a part of a rotation when the BCS situation plays out.

The IIHF layed out new rules on how quarter-finals will world in two marquee tournaments. The NHL and General Managers will be meeting in the summer to re-set the standard of certain calls after stats showed the game had started to change back to the dead puck era. As well other tid bits came out about new rules or potential new ones.

The MLB trade deadline is approaching and with a new rule it may make teams hesitant to trade players though the Blue Jays may still make some trades.Interesting comparison between energy drinks and caffeine to injuries. Phil Mickelson is interested in becoming the next Magic Johnson.

Drew Brees could make a whole lot of money if he signs his one year franchise tag.

A chart was released on which teams return the most and least amount of offence in college football and a football recruit received 52 letters from one school in one day.

Colorado athletic department received a loan from the school system and academic side.

We join Jonnie where we discuss just how big Canadian Ryder Hesjedal winning the Giro d'Italia was as well was this years draft lottery Patrick Ewing 2.0? Some controversy revolving around UCLA's football program and Mike Vick again can't seem to dodge his past.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 45
Posted by Mac D on May 25, 2012 at 2:31 PM

In the second part and the final section we talk about Jonnie's four years while at Oregon State and about his upcoming trip to Ethiopia with the organization Beavers Without Border. We will have links following their journey when he leaves in June.

Week that was in sports; The SEC warned the Big 12 about conference expansion while the ACC is again the centre of attention. Interesting fact is the ACC actually made more money than the SEC for an extended period of time. The Plus-One format gained some momentum after being through to have been dead. As of now it doesn't look like Brazill will be ready for the World Cup in 2014 and the Dodgers have finally shown some monetary change from the McCourt era to the Magic Era. A nice one year later story about Joplin and the Tornado. As well an ex-USC recruit finally had his name cleared 9 years after being wrongly convicted and having his life turned upside down.

Jonnie joins us to discuss the rise in a football helmet company and the effects it may have on the future. The Pac-12 and commissioner Larry Scott were nominated for very prestigious awards and were the only college nominees. Former UCLA basketball player Reeves Nelson filed a lawsuit against Sports Illustrated.


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 44
Posted by Mac D on May 18, 2012 at 4:06 PM

Week that was in sports; Paul Dee passed away leaving quite the legacy those do not want to be remembered for. The Vikings received a boost which shifts the spotlight to three other NFL teams. The MLB yet again has egg on their face for Ryan Braun part two.

The Dolphins and former CFL great received a big blow. Interesting stat on Heisman wining quarterbacks and performances in the NFL playoffs. The Big-12 and SEC made a ground breaking deal. Pitt has filed a lawsuit against the Big East while John Calipari makes a lot of money. The Saban Factor is in full efect at Alabama while USC finally has control of the Coliseum.

Boise State seems to have warmed their cold feet while former Phillip Fulmer said he would like to get back into coaching. Bowl eligiblility may be changing soon and Notre Dame is still on the hook for millions to a former coach. The ACC detailed their conference scheduling and stance on a playoff system.

The hypocrite of the week went to Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer for his comments.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 43
Posted by Mac D on May 11, 2012 at 2:32 PM

Week that was in sports; The Saints Bounty Gate his another snag and a PA member spoke out. The Pac-12 weighed in on their post-season opinions while Jim Mora should be facing scrutiny but is not yet. The MLB suspended Cole Hamels but did it even matter? The Dodgers confirmed some good news while Patrick Kane's time with the Blackhawks may be limited. Craig James' camp finally put some crazy allegations to rest.

We join Jonnie where we discuss the Big East situation and where the conference is heading. The Penn State/Sandusky case hit a snag that could have major implications on the trial. A former NBA great voiced his opinion on the age limit on college basketball players while the MLB has made it known they want to partner with the NCAA. Farmers Field released a 3D video of their proposed stadium while the Pac-12 added some big names to their network.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 42
Posted by Mac D on May 4, 2012 at 2:28 PM

Week that was in sports; The Predators made a bold statement both on and off the ice. The Dodgers are officially owned by Magic Johnson and his group while making a major change for the fans. The Buccaneers made a tremendous gesture towards a college player making his day. The Miami-Randy Shannon front hit another snag in court. The Big 12 announced a new commissioner while another historic rivalry seems to have come to an end but not due to conference realignment.

We join Jonnie from Oregon State where we discuss the Deadspin expose on Corvallis resident Sarah Phillips and her con involvement with ESPN. The NFL handed down their punishment on current and former Saints players, was it right? Junior Seau committed suicide causing a for remorse in the football world. Some light was shed on the college football front which makes some sense for all parties.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 41
Posted by Mac D on April 27, 2012 at 5:07 PM

Week that was in sports; we join Jonnie from Oregon State where we discuss the current situation of the BCS and how the money should be paid out. The Pac-12 and a storied basketball program hope to get back into the spotlight next season and more on transfers and what rules should be put in place.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 40
Posted by Mac D on April 20, 2012 at 3:38 PM

Week that was in sports; The NFLPA had knowledge of the Saints bounty tape before the NFL even knew about it making it strange for them to release it. The Giants made history when they signed Madison Bumgarner. The Blue Jays and Cardinals are set for the MLB Draft. Boise State's success has grown into the endorsement side with Nike. Ryan Tannehill has been the subject of his stock rising in the draft but how did he do against the top-4 defences last season? How much has the Penn State legal fees cost so far? Along with millions of dollars paid to the Paterno estate. Jessica Dorrell and Arkansas settled on an agreement for her to resign. Steve Spurrier made some interesting comments at an SEC meeting. Brady Hoke is trying to maximize his offences potential based on what transpired in spring camp. One veteran Redskins wide receiver seems unlikely to be around when the season starts. Mike Wallace will be a Steeler for now while Dwight Howard and the Magic have even more to deal with. Calder Finalists were named while an International Hockey Legend passed away.

This time we join Jonnie from College Station, Texas. Delonte West continued his questionable thinking, social back lash from the Bobby Petrino scandal. Oregon was the centre of a drug expose and Wisconsin created a minor PR nightmare which was resolved involving transfers.





0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 39
Posted by Mac D on April 13, 2012 at 2:26 PM

Week that was in sports; Louisville and Colorado made some interesting moves in regards to the media. Urban Meyer's tenure in Florida took a pretty big shot while Steve Spurrier was up to his old  tricks again. Interesting news coming out of the Bernie Fine case where the accuser never even met the man. UCLA received a much needed lift to its basketball program while Kentucky keeps on moving along. Surprising news dealing with Warren Sapp and Jim Irsay made some interesting comments. One Oiler has requested a trade while Shea Weber received a small punishment for his actions.

We join Jonnie from Oregon State where he discusses the Arkansas fiasco along with Baylor's self imposed sanctions. Also HBO was denied by a team for their Hard Knocks series and Ozzie Guillen made some ill advised comments brining politics into sport.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 38
Posted by Mac D on April 6, 2012 at 5:03 PM

Week that was in sports; Adrian Peterson made a nice donation to his alma mater while Arkansas has found itself in the middle of a public relations mess due to their Head Coach. Georgia State is moving up in the football world. Sad news came out about the Gretzky family. The MLB season is under way in what looks to be a thrilling season.

We join Jonnie from Oregon State where he discusses the ongoing tournament. March Madness is done but questions of who is on to the NBA have surfaced and not just players. The NCAA made a nice gesture only to deny it. Howard University is under hot water for incompetence and college football playoff formats are still a buzz.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 37
Posted by Mac D on March 30, 2012 at 3:10 AM

Week that was in sports; the Montreal Canadiens made a front office move that caused a stir. NCAA President Mark Emmert made an odd comment while football playoffs were discussed. Wisconsin saw a boost to its team with a key addition and Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill may have pushed him into the top-10 after his pro-day for the NFL draft. The MLB season is about to start and the Blue Jays are closing in on a milestone that may raise some eyebrows. Ryan Braun is not fairing to well this Spring Training and why may the Braves struggles this year? The Angels have received a boost from a familiar face. In the CFL the Calgary Stampeders received some good news involving the Flames.

We join Jonnie Motomochi this time from Palo Alto, California as he prepares for a golf tournament. He discusses the Dodgers record sale along with March Madness and whether to jump on the Tiger Woods bandwagon leading up to the Masters.

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