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0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 36
Posted by Mac D on March 23, 2012 at 4:36 PM

Week that was in sports baseball edition; The Mets received some good news in the courts but are not out of the mud yet. The Dodgers may set a record for selling a franchise but how does this affect the Padres and what has come out recently. The Pirates came up with a mathamatical formula that sheds some light on their playoff chances along with others. Is it deja-vu in the Cardinals camp? Not in the show but a big topic is Braves 3B Chipper Jones saying he will retire after this season. Is he a first time ballot Hall of Famer? The Mac App thinks so.

Our weekly segment with Jonnie Motomochi from Corvallis. Steeler great Hines Ward called it a career. Where does he stand with the all-time Steeler greats? Peyton Manning finally made his decision and Tim Tebow was shipped off to the Jets. How does that affect Mark Sanchez. March Madness is winding down or heating up depending on how you look at it. Some interesting stats to come out after yesterday's games. An audit came out about just how much the NCAA made in 2011, as a student-athlete Jonnie weighs in his opinion over the huge numbers*.

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*make $1 billion dollars and they spend $960 million then would have $40 million left.


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 35
Posted by Mac D on March 16, 2012 at 7:31 PM

Week that was in sports; Baylor and the Big 12 received some nice gifts to help them in the future. Some news involving Penn State and University officials as well as North Carolina and future NCAA violation cases. The NHL General Managers met in Florida discussing possible new rule changes as well as the NHL and NHLPA making a controversial ruling. The NFL salary cap is set for next season but some can go over this year while others deferred for next season. The turn around at Indiana in men's basketball is simply amazing after where the program was four years ago.



Jonnie joins us from Oregon State discussing some story lines from the NCAA Tournament along with high school recruiting. The Pac-12 presidents agreed on something they never would have four years ago which can change the dynamics of college football.


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 34
Posted by Mac D on March 9, 2012 at 4:17 PM

Week that was in sports; The Pirates made a big commitment and seem to headed in the right direction especially with a MLB change. Oakland and San Francisco may be in different leagues but there is a battle going on between the two off the field. The Maple Leafs made a bold move but will it make any difference? The Raiders have done some tinkering to their squad but still have a little ways to go. The MLS kicks off its season tomorrow with an expansion team and the second year for the Whitecaps.

In the second part of the show we join Jonnie from Oregon State. The Oregon State golf team took part in a tournament in Fresno last week. We re-discuss the Peyton Manning situation with more then one player not re-signing and a prominent player being open to be traded. Is the bounty ring that came out involving the Saints and Gregg Williams really that big? Also with news coming out from Basketball Canada what state will the program be moving forward? The NCAA Comissioners have agreed on changing the post-season eligibility requirements but now need it to be signed off. On the ice Sidney Crosby was cleared for contact again but when will he return?

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2 Comments Mac Yak Episode 33
Posted by Mac D on March 2, 2012 at 3:43 PM

Week that was in sports; The MLB voted on an expanded playoff format for this year which makes the 2012 season more exciting. With this news it helps the Nationals who made a key signing as well some front office baseball executives did not like what the Cardinals did. The NHL Trade Deadline came and passed as well the CFL added some new rules and the potential for others involving pass interference and review. A quick update in the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky case as well could this be almost the end of a storied SEC rivalry?

We join Jonnie Motomochi from Oregon State. The Beavers did well in their match play tournament against some of the top schools in the country. We discuss what is going on at Oregon in football and basketball at UCLA. Who stands to gain more or lose more with the Sacramento hearing and how happy must Derrick Rose be? The Colts may have had a silver lining with one player involving Peyton Manning and just what is going on with the Steelers?

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0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 32
Posted by Mac D on February 24, 2012 at 2:44 PM

Week that was in sports dealing with; The Angels seem primed for a good run with Kendry Morales looking strong and of course their strong offseason acquisition but there are some unwanted rumblings coming out of camp. Two veterans retired who hold some nice hardware to their names while the Mariners will be changing their line-up this upcoming season. Some insight on the Justin Morneau situation as well. The Blue Jackets made a trade but not including Rick Nash and the Flyers were asked for a certain crop of players that is discussed, as well the Sharks. 

In part two we join Jonnie Motomochi from Oregon State where he discusses the racial side of Jeremy Lin and what it is like first hand being of Asian decent and in sports. Look into Phil Mickelson and the World of Golf along with some interesting Tiger Wood stats. What could have been for the Trail Blazers and the state of Oregon. As well the multi-year scholarship proposal passed and we take in Jonnie's stance as a student-athlete and what the vibe was from the Oregon State student-athletes during their meetings dealing with the issue. 

Reminder to all, like July 1st Free Agency the Mac App will be your home to Trade Deadline day on the 27th. We made a promise to have the quickest updates on the web and as some of you experienced on July 1st we kept that promise. We plan to do that again! There will be more information this weekend with a preview as well.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 31
Posted by Mac D on February 17, 2012 at 4:52 PM

Week that was in sports; lots of baseball news with signings, trades and sadness in the form of death and retirement. The Yankees are the centre of attention as usual while the Athletics made a splash giving the most money ever to a free agent in their franchise history. The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching and some teams are already making moves including the Canadiens, Predators, Stars and Flyers. Mac App will be your home to the fastest updates on the internet for all trades on the 27th. Seattle received some good news on their NHL/NBA hunt while lots of college football news has come out regarding, Mike Leach, Miami, Texas and TCU. CFL free agency has begun and the top player has already signed. 

Jonnie Motomochi joins us from Oregon State where he dicusses the first Stanley Cup rioter to be sentenced in court. The Pac-12 and its dealings with China and conference realignment. Also the transfer of Maryland QB Davey O'Brien and the relationship/commitment to the coaching staff and school.

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0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 30
Posted by Mac App on February 10, 2012 at 5:14 PM

Week that was in sports; The Yankees and the Pirates are involved in discussion about pitcher A.J. Burnett. West Virginia is etching to be able to move to the Big 12 but who will replace them in the Big East? The Ed O'Bannon lawsuit against the NCAA received a speed bump and the NCAA has some rule change proposals that will be voted on in a few weeks. The NHL Trade Deadline is fast approaching and Mac App will be your place for the quickest updates. Scott Gomez finally broke his streak which had last over a year. The Raiders made a surprising move involving their secondary.


We had our first voicemail question and look forward to having many more!


Like every week Jonnie joined us from Oregon State talking about the Super Bowl (he predicted a 24-17 Giants win), the City of Seattle and college basketball dealing with rivalries and the UConn mess -- the NCAA denied the Huskies waiver.

0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 29
Posted by Mac D on February 3, 2012 at 2:47 AM

The weekly sports podcast Mac Yak is back! Sorry we have been away for a while, it has been very busy on the other side of the site getting new features and material together. A few weeks ago Mac D interviewed Oregon State Senior Golfer Jonnie Motomochi and his career to datealong with his opinion of the NCAA as a Student-Athlete. Jonnie will be joining the show as a guest weekly working his way as a co-host. Doty he is a Steelers fan!



The week that was in sports; It is Super Bowl week and we offer our predictions as well as the saga that is known as Peyton Manning currently. Sidney Crosby and the Penguins released new information as well the Blue Jackets and Kings were involved in a controversial ending. Some former NBA players want to return back to the league after playing overseas during the lockout but one such player is having difficulties.


0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 28
Posted by Mac D on September 25, 2011 at 6:53 PM

Week that was in sports; The Bills and Lions are 3-0 with come from behind wins and look to continue their success. Michael Vick has a broken hand and what does that mean for the Eagles. Is Clemson for real now? The Red Sox and Braves are trying to avoid epic collapses as the Wild Card race comes down to the wire. The NHL pre-season has started and suspensions are already being dished out with a positive reaction. The CFL is starting to come down the home stretch and had two of the hottest teams facing off against each other.

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0 Comments Mac Yak Episode 27
Posted by Mac D on September 18, 2011 at 10:14 PM

Week that was in sports; A look at some of the NFL outcomes in week 2 as well as winning streaks in both the NFL and College Football. The MLB Playoff Race is in the home stretch with three spots up for grabs. Also we re-visit an old episode about who would win 100 games this season. NHL training camp has open and the season is less than a month away. Drew Dougthy is still unsigned and many do not know when that will be resolved. Bryan McCabe has had some interest shown in him as he is still unsigned. The CFL playoff picture is becoming even more clear.

If you have not yet please submit your CFL Fantasy player picks for Season 2!

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